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Self-Service Guide for Divorce Cases

Detailed informational guide for individuals to file their own divorce papers.

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On 8/9/07
Ruth said
The court will be sending divorce paper to my husband out of state. Is there someone there so he signs his name w/o any problems?

On 8/1/07
Sandy said
My daughter lives in Az. but was married in Las Vegas. Will it be easier to get a divorce or annullment from a different state? Does anyone have any info on this?

On 12/14/06
Julie said
So, what happend with the question about wanting to move to a different state and then file divorce?

On 10/10/06
Terry  said
He agreed to pay in divorce decree and won't now. How do I collect ?

On 6/2/06
Jeff said
I think I should be able to have a family.

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  • In the state of Arizona in a no - fault divorce does the state require a period of separation
  • I am the wife of a retired service member that I receive 50% of the community property pension. Do I have to pay taxes on the payment?
  • I am deploying to go to afghanistan. I want to file for divorce but am concerned that may not go in my favor at this time. Can my spouse file for a divorce legally? I am leaving in july. How long does a divorce take , can it be finalized w/o me being present? If we have our own vehicles, both names r on each, could it possibly be divided where I keep my truck? Thank u
  • I'm trying to find legal help in regards to filing for divorce and custody. With very little funds.
  • My wife filed for a divorce and we still have intercourse are the papers still valid
  • How can I make a legal separation a divorce, when I did not offer any response to the petitioners request? We worked the separation out together, so I didn't want to fight her!
  • I have been seperated from my husband for 2 years, he lives in Mexico we have 2 children, I am aware that he cannot offer anything for my children, I just want the divorce, How can this work out being that we married in Nevada and resided there throughout our marriage, I have been living in Az since he was deported 2 years ago, What procedures do I need to follow since he lives in Mexico?
  • I am wanting to divorce my husband who is currently incarcerated. His parental rights were severed by the courts and I have full custody of our only son. How does this change what documents I need to be filed and how he is able to respond ?
  • When does the time to vacate the premises begin after a petition for divorce has been filed and how long does the respondent have to vacate?
  • I was married a month ago to a man who I already have 3 kids by, can I get an annulment granted?..


  • Age discrimination in the workplace. . .
  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .
  • If you get a divorce, make sure your date of birth is on the Decree if your name is changing!. . .




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