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  • If we own a house together, and i wanted to keep the house after thedivorce, is it possiable? I work from my home and i have paid the house payments for the past 6 years.
  • My boyfriend and I have lived together for 7 years now. Recently his health took a turn for the worst. He is still legally married and his wife says she has the right to come into our home and take whatever she wants upon his death. Is this at all possible or is she blowing smoke? He wants a divorce but hasn't been able to accomplish this because of his health.
  • I allowed my daughter's boyfriend to move in to my home. He is not on the lease but has been for over a year. We originally had a verbal agreement where he would pay rent and do chores for the short time he was staying there. He did not do that. In April 2018 we created roommate agreement that stated how much everyone was to pay and we all signed. He has not paid according to the agreement. I have asked him to leave. He says he has 30 days per the agreement that he has not honored but I want him out max 2 weeks. Do I have to give him written notice or the 30 days? TY
  • My sister's house has had (2) attempted break-ins in the last 1.5wk. She's buying a security system but I wondered if her landlord should be responsible for this?
  • I would like to do a will. Do I need to hire a lawyer to do it for me?
  • I was transferred from one complex to another my manager changed all the mail box locks and gave all units a new apt # I was not informed about the lock changes nor was I giving a new key so when I moved to the New complex I asked the manager to please get my mail out of the box I've been at my new unit for 2 months now and inportaint mail that was sent to old address mail was my to renew my monthly income that mail was sent back 2 times so my payment was stopped and can not be reissued for the month I lost now I can't pay my rent can she still evicted me
  • my husband passed away on aug.22,14,he left a hospital bill unpaid,am i liable for this bill? could a collection agency bill me? i live in az thank you
  • I'm a school counselor and over the semester I've gotten to know my students. One in particular has a mother in Mexico, and is living home to home currently. Her current living situation is temporary. She's over 14 and wants a stable home. I'm willing and able to be a guardian. Would school policy, district policy, or situations where the child is not related to the guardian be an issue? Would a lawyer be recommended to aid this process?
  • I own a mobile home in a park does the landlord have the right to tell me that I can't live in my Mobile on their lot in the park
  • What can I do if my apartment manager showed my rental file to another employee who is the grounds keeper and discussed how my rent payments are always late. Also how they want to evict me because of this.





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