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  • Per my lease agreement I sent notice to my landlord that I wanted to renew the lease a month prior to lease ending via email 6/28/19, the same day he sent me notice of rent increase which was received on 6/29/19. He recently replied that we are on a month to month, our lease does not end until July 31st at 5pm. He took over two weeks to respond to email, I am unable to give him 30days notice as he took too long to respond, I recently emailed back accepting he rental amount if a lease is written. What right do I have? Last year when he raised the rent he back dated the 30 day notice.
  • the city of tempe impounded my car for driving on suspended? the officer never pulled me over, my car was parked at a gas station I was in the store when he pulled in and parked. I then walked over to a hotel next door leaving my car at the gas station and thye officer pulled up next to me at the hotel and asked me for I.D. He then ran my name and my license came back suspended, told me he was'nt goping to arrest me but was going to impound my car? is this legal if he never put his lights on and pulled me over in my car? and both my car and I were on private property?
  • Will a judge grant my request to change my name to something other then a former name during a divorce proceeding
  • Where can I find more information on the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act? Is there anything that can be done if a hospital violates this Act? Who needs to be contacted?
  • My wife and I are currently separated, and I am residing in Pennsylvania at the current time. I was able to attend only the first half of the parenting class before I moved out of state. Is it necessary to complete the course if I am no longer residing in Arizona? If so, is it offered as a "correspondence course"?
  • i am in the bad check program with the pima county attorney they are insisting that i pay 3 times more than i can afford, i have given my pay stub and my tax return and pay an amount montly that i can afford and every 3 months they put a warrant out for my arrest and i have to go to court, what can i do
  • I had mold and filth in my A/C unit and gave the landlord 10 days to repair it. They did not and we were still sick so I gave my 30 days notice to move out. They refused to recognize they broke the law and is pursuing to charge me the early termination fees. Can they do that !!? Why won't the health department get involved in the mold situation?
  • how do i put in an application online?
  • After I moved from my rental property, my landlord claimed there was damage to the property that needed repair and kept half my security deposit. Now he says the repairs cost more and I have to pay him back to additional cost. Can he do that after half the deposit has already been returned?
  • My daughter was sexually abused by her father between the ages of 4-6. She is currently 30. The abuse took place in the state of TX. She is now sharing her story but we are unsure how to address this legally as it took place 24 yrs ago in another state. Please Help




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  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Maricopa County Bar
    Referral number 602-257-4434
  • Pima County Bar
    Referral number 520-623-4625
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center
  • Certified Legal Document Preparer Program