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Divorce on the Navajo Nation - Grounds and Requirements

by: DNA- People's Legal Services - Window Rock

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Family Law on the Navajo Nation: How is Property Divided in a Divorce?

by: DNA- People's Legal Services - Window Rock

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Question: I have a 3 year old son we are both Navajo, I havent seen or been with my sons dad shortly after my son's birth. When I was 7 months pregnant we had a dv issue and I would like to terminate his rights. How do i go about that?
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Question: My husband and I have been separated for 3 months and I have been live back in the reservation since. He lives and is stationed in Jacksonville, FL. We have a son together. My son and I are both registered members on the Navajo nation. Would I be able to file for divorce on the Navajo nation? I would like for my son and I to stay here, would I be able to take full custody since he is in the military?
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Question: I’m getting a divorce with my only means of income 100% Va Disability, and Military Retirement. This is my 2nd marriage, all military service was completed prior to this marriage. My first former spouse already receives a portion of my military retirement. Can my military retirement or a portion of it be awarded to my 2nd former spouse?
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Question: My sister is married to her husband. He moved to Arizona and married a lady in the Indian reservation would this be a legal marriage and what does my sister need to do to nail this guy.
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Question: Mi hijo quiere abandonar la highschool tiene 15 aƱos,que podemos hacer con el?
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