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Marital Status and your Finances

At this point in your life, you may have more at stake when you change your marital status, become a widow, widower or choose to remarry.

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Question: My ex was served by my lawyer with a 30 order to reply or comply, he has not yet made a valid reply thru the courts. Do I receive everything that I asked for? And why would my lawyer be in contact with him and give him an extra week to see what he is going to offer? Is there malpractice suit here as well?
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Question: I was married to my ex husband for 11 years while he was in the military. He later retired from the military. Am I entitled to half of his pension? It was not noted on our divorce decree.
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Question: My soon to be ex wife and I are going through divorce. In the preliminary it States that we each keep the vehicle that were driving and we are responsible for the payments on the that vehicle. Will she decided to be sneaky and dirty and she had one of her friends who is a repo agent come on to my property and steal the vehicle from me even though I wasn't behind the payments. Is that legal? And what about all the money that I paid on the vehicle even though it was in her name which is technically community property community property. I just bought brand new tires for the truck brand new rims
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Question: I am a retired soldier my former spouse has remarried..   Do I have to continue former spouse payment?
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Question: I was married to an ex marine for 10 years when I was 18. He was murdered shortly before we were divorced. Its been over 20 years but I was wondering am I still qualified for survivor's benefits or his pension?
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