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Senior Discount Travel and Recreation

Find information about senior discounts for travel, dining out, movies, shows, museums and national parks.

Financial Assistance for Immigrants who are Seniors

There are various financial assistance programs for qualified immigrants. Find out what they are and how to get more information about eligibility and applications.

Nutrition Support Services and Food Stamps

There are many food service support resources in your community. Find out more information about where you can go to get hot meals, food stamps and emergency assistance in your area.

Assistance with Utilities

There are programs to help seniors with utility bills and service. Find out what they are and how to apply.

Tax Relief for Seniors

Find out about property tax postponement, property tax exemptions and other ways to get property tax relief.

Supplemental Security Income and Cash Assistance

Find information about how to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Cash Assistance programs available to help make ends meet.

Social Security

Social Security is a government program that provides regular benefits to eligible workers and their families after the worker retires, becomes severly disabled or dies. Find out about your benefits, how to contact and other important information.

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Question: My wife and I own a park model home and live here year around. We are both over 70. This is a 55+ park which is fenced and security good. We love living here due to secure area. After buying our home about 2years ago we have had the rent on lot raised 3 times . We live on a small fixed income that has been dipped into hard this past year due to me getting cancer in tonsil and tounge. After 7hr surgery and chemo and radiation much cost had to come from budget. Is there anyway we can stay in our retirement home when the lot price is being pushed past our fixed income.. We are both too old or sic
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Question: My phone/internet provideris constantly charging me late fees. Im on a fixed income that I receive the 2nd Wed of every month and that is the day I write them a check. I try to explain this to them but they continue to charge me late fees. What is AZ law regarding these late fees? I'm 83 and a Korean war vet...I can't afford to continue to pay these fees
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Question: How do I get daughter off deed to house
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Question: I currently receive my deceased spouses SS benefits, am I also eligible to receive some of my benefits when I retired?
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Question: how do I remove my proection order from someone that has a domestic assult?
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