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Do you rent? Do you need some repairs? Find out how you can fix them yourself, the right way.

Mobile Home Park Residential Landlord and Tenant Rights and Obligations

Mobile home parks and homes have specific laws that are different than other types of housing. For more information about the laws that surround the landlord and tenant relationship read this article.

Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All legal service programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for assistance.

The Law for Mobile Home Parks

Read the Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (Title 33, Chapter 11 of the Arizona Revised Statutes) -the law that governs the rental of mobile home spaces and rights and obligations of landlord and tenant.

by: Arizona Secretary of State

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Question: My fiancee was verbally told today that I had to remove myself from the mobile home park because of Rejection of Application for Residency, something I applied for 3 months ago and heard nothing. I was not given any notice nor told to leave by the management. Can they tresspass me from the trailer park?
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Question: I bought my mobile home and pay rent for the lot it was already on when I bought it. There are two very tall palm trees on the property. I am being told I need to have them trimmed at quite a high cost for me, as I am a fixed income senior. They look very much like they did when I moved in but do need trimming. Neither the park agent or management mentioned this to me during the purchase process. I don't own the land nor did I plant the trees. I am required to pay the property taxes, which is also a question for me. Thank you for any help or advice
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Question: Lot rental increases are done every year at this mobile home living facility. However, the common areas like laundry room has a rotting and broken ceiling panel that has electrical wiring exposed. There are no lights in there and just provided an unstable lamp. The mail room does not have proper lighting as well. How can this be fixed, Its been 6 years that we had been living here and it has been the same condition still.
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Question: I’ve lived in a trailer park for over 20 years and purchased my trailer from the park which I own free and clear. I’m very low income and now my landlord hit me with an eviction notice. I have no money to move my trailer and no money for a deposit on another trailer. Can he just kick me out of my house for no reason and take my trailer from me? Please help
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Question: I am reaching out on behalf of my mother. My mother has toxoplasmosis and has been losing her eyesight gradually. It is hard for her to do things by herself (but she is proud and I can’t watch her all the time to make sure she doesn’t cause issues like this). My mom ordered checks through a third party associated with her bank. this website makes her enter her own account numbers. Due to this, she accidentally made bad checks and tried to pay her rent with one. They didn’t notify us until yesterday that the check bounced and are trying to charge us 100 dollars in fees. Can I fight this legally
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