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Do you rent? Do you need some repairs? Find out how you can fix them yourself, the right way.

Mobile Home Park Residential Landlord and Tenant Rights and Obligations

Mobile home parks and homes have specific laws that are different than other types of housing. For more information about the laws that surround the landlord and tenant relationship read this article.

Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All legal service programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for assistance.

The Law for Mobile Home Parks

Read the Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (Title 33, Chapter 11 of the Arizona Revised Statutes) -the law that governs the rental of mobile home spaces and rights and obligations of landlord and tenant.

by: Arizona Secretary of State

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Question: I'm trying to assist seniors in a mobile park that are being abused by a park manager in one way or another. An 85 yr man got a 24 hr notice to move out due to his caregiver. The notice was hand written and delivered to him by managers husband. Another senior lady was sold a home that had no gas meter and now she cant use stove to cook and has no hot water for bathing. A 61 yr old man was chased down street by managers husband and assaulted. He did go to court and get a restraining order however the park turned around and got one on him which overturned his. Who can help these seniors. Help !
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Question: I lease from a landlord but the park is owned by another party. Can the owner legally remove my guest if he has already asked me to "get rid of her"?
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Question: I purchased a mobile home in 55+ almost 2 years ago. I only pay lot rent monthly for lot #46. Today I received an additional email with an additional separate bill of $32 which said "Lot 47 occupied by Unit 46 extra lot fee charge". I was unaware the mh I purchased 2 years ago was on more that 1 lot, nor does any lease agreement or purchase paperwork state anything about my mh sitting on a double lot. This is the first I am hearing of this. Out of the blue they are billing me for a partial additional lot. Can they legally do that after 2 years? Space/Lot #47 is not mentioned anywhere.
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Question: I rent to own mobile home, the sewer line is connected to a sewer tank that comes with trailer, since the trailer is set doesn't the sewer lines need to be connected directly instead of the tank. Who's responsibility is it to fix it?
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Question: The house is owned by us, but we are paying rent on a lot. My landlord gave us a notice saying we need to repaint our house or he will do it himself and charge us for it, is that legal?
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