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Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All legal service programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for assistance.


Evictions happen quickly; find out what an eviction action is, how it is started and what you can and cannot do about it before the court is involved.

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Question: Can a landlord request rent after an eviction? The keys were turn in within the 5 days court came me, yet they are avoiding rental and doing construction on the property requesting rent till its rented or end of rental contract
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Question: I stay at an rv park that charges a flat rate for daily space, weekly spaces and monthly spaces. I have no lease. I wasn't given any paperwork or rules of any sort when I parked my fifth wheel. All I was told was their is a flat monthly rate 223.00 and electric is a pay as you use type of deal. Their is no paperwork what so ever. The prices are flate rates for the however long your staying is and it's seriously posted on a sign outside the office. What are my rights and can they evict me and charge me late fees because I haven't been able to pay for this month yet due to this pandemic?
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Question: Due to the Covid19, my business has taken a hit. That meant no money was coming in to pay Payroll. From Feb-May, I've been living off credit cards. I have made a partial rent payment for April and May 2020. I came home yesterday to an eviction notice. The property owner knows of my business & financial situation. I was told that as long as I was making a partial payment towards rent, that by law I couldn't be evicted (with intent to pay in full ASAP) My company was just awarded the PPP LOAN, which I advised my property owner the very next day that all past portion of rents would be paid asap
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Question: For 3/6 years, my mom hasn't had a lease agreement, for the house she rents, she's just month to month. Last month (April) she texted the landlord asking to sign a new lease. Landlord said no and to move by the end of the month. One day my mom was asleep and someone came to the house trying to give me service papers for her. I didn't accept them on her behalf, and though she requested redelivery, it never came. Now we've been given writ of restitution, 8 hours to vacate, and 2 weeks to return for our belongings. Did we legally get proper notice to vacate, or can we fight for more time to move?
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