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Question: My ex-wife and I were divorced in 2010 and our dissolution documents were very vague concerning my military retirement. It states that "each of the parties shall be awarded, a division of their respective share of military retirement accumulated between the date of marriage and date of separation." Since there was no percentage or amount specified, she is now trying to file a new Domestic relations Order in order for me to give her a portion of my retirement. What can I do in order to make sure it is divided equitable and fair, so I do not get steamrolled in this matter?
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Question: i have paid a large sum of money to the back child support i owe however the mother of the children will not fill out an affidavit to give me credit. can i file a motion to see if the court will grant that so i can clear up the back support. i have clear proof in my bank account the she got the money direct to her bank account, she gave me credit for two of the payments but refuses to do the rest and it is over $2000.00. i do not have the money for an attorney and will have to do the filing my self so i need to know how and what forms.
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Question: Can my former spouse elect to receive less than her previously awarded share of my military retirement in a modification?
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Question: My recently ex wife charged me with domestic violence last year. She also had an order of protection against me. After many trials and no evidence the last trial she changed her story completely and lied about the incident completely. I have severely struggled all year trying to clear my name and going broke for supervised visits. Who do I talk to and what are my options?
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Question: If I get a divorce in Arizona and sale our house wouldn't the equity that we split be enough to not have to pay alimony or will the Judge still award a maintenance amount of money to wife. Thanks.
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