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Question: I have filed a charge with the EEOC against my employer. Do I have to find another representative for wrongful termination, breach of contract? I was suspended for 2 weeks to take care of a legal issue but then was termed on the 6th day into the 2 week suspension on matters not relevant to suspension.
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Question: Hi, I've been working at a company delivering appliances to house for almost two years, at one of the delivery i end up damaging a driveway (private road sink in ) it was a thin black top road, my employer is making me pay for towing, drive way and truck damage. Can they do that? I ask them why don't they use their insurance and the answer was cause their rates will go up.
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Question: me and my husband was in the process of getting a car loan and they called my work place to verify i work there and the office lady at work told the loan place i was on fmla, is my work place aloud to give out that information?
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Question: My friend (USMC vet) walked out of work (pt job) yesterday because they scheduled him for a random twelve hour shift, when he had school and work (ft job) an hour after that pt shift ended. He therefore quit without two weeks notice, I understand that. The following day a group message from management; to all remaining staff was sent. It got out of hand when all three managers at some point talked negatively about his credibility as a man and adult. Being a marine as well, I defended him. It got to the point I don't feel secure in my job and I handed in my uniform. Is the company liable?
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Question: My job offer was rescinded after the offer.Reason given was that I was over qualified & would eventually "get an attitude" and have resentment. I was told by the recruiter that I was the only person he interviewed for the position, and the day of my second interview he said "don't blow it" do a good job.I met w/5 other people that day.The whole process took 30 days from start to finish. Recruiter was really complementary of my exp.I am absolutely upset by this behavior.I was offered the job,told to sleep on it & then rescinded when i called to accept. I have been out of work since June.
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