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Question: I’m a teacher at a charter school. My school is trying to force me to teach in person. With COVID-19 raging in AZ I don’t feel it’s safe. If I’m fired for refusing to teach in person can I collect unemployment or even sue the school for putting my life in danger?
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Question: Hello, I signed an employment contract stating I would give a 30 day notice or agree to forfeit any unpaid compensation. In this case it would be 2 weeks plus 14 hours. Since I resigned I have been antagonized to the point where I left after only 15 days post resignation notification. Are the employers permitted to withhold my salary under these circumstances?
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Question: I work for a security company here in Tucson and was made aware that they will charge anyone who quits without notice even in the middle of a shift a $200 fee. I was under the impression that as Arizona was an Employment at will state that you could end employment whenever for any or no reason without any kind of penalty. Am I correct in thinking this?
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Question: I have filed a charge with the EEOC against my employer. Do I have to find another representative for wrongful termination, breach of contract? I was suspended for 2 weeks to take care of a legal issue but then was termed on the 6th day into the 2 week suspension on matters not relevant to suspension.
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Question: Hi, I've been working at a company delivering appliances to house for almost two years, at one of the delivery i end up damaging a driveway (private road sink in ) it was a thin black top road, my employer is making me pay for towing, drive way and truck damage. Can they do that? I ask them why don't they use their insurance and the answer was cause their rates will go up.
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