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Question: I own my townhouse . I live in a self governed CO-OP . We vote to elect our own board We have a Management Co that we employ and pay . We have a new President on our board . I've lived here 9 yrs . This individual has lived here 2yrs . He wants to inspect every ones Home once a year now . This has never been done before and isn't in our bylaws . Is this legal ? I don't want him in my home . Can he just make up new rules without a vote from the other owners ?
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Question: Upon my mothers death, I inherited her home in a 55+ park. The manager has tried to tell me I cannot stay there because I am only 49. When I pointed out this had been addressed in original contract, she was not happy. Since then, she has spread negative rumors to other tenants, including derogatory remarks regarding my sexual orientation. She has told the security guards that I am not allowed visitors after dark - although no other resident has this restriction. She has opened my mail... What can I do about this?
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Question: I have 3 questions and many other questions but I will just add 3 , if this form will let me. How can I get free or reduced legal help against landlords and the other question how do get the same thing for a will?? Also the same thing against corrupte stores and company's??I live in direr poverty and really just can't afford anything unfortunately and it's not my fault. I am an orphan the state ruined my life and took everything from and left me in direr poverty with noway out that's why I can't afford a lawyer nor anything. A little help not advise would help. Don't want a hand out nor pity
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Question: My friend let me stay in his house and the day before yesterday he told me he sold the house a d o need to move out. How much time do I have before I have to. Vacate the primisses and if he sold the house does he have to help me financially to try and get somewhere else to stay?????
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Question: Can a landlord/Rental agent charge the tenant to complete AZ Form 201-Renter’s certificate of Properties Tax Paid. I rent through a Group, Inc. and was told that Inwould have to pay $50 for this form. I renew my lease on a yearly basis (this being my fourth year), and I just paid a $50 fee for their annual residency review. I found out about this form yesterday when having my taxes prepared by XXX. I never knew about it before, and XXXX has never offered it with each lease renewal.
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