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Revocable Living Trust

Find out about trusts, how they are set up and what they can as you plan ahead.

Staying in Charge of Your Future

Planning ahead allows you to remain in charge of your future. There are laws to protect your wishes. But the right to have your wishes carried out later is worthless unless you act now - while you still can.

Life Care Planning Packet (Advanced Directives), Information and Documents from the Arizona Attorney General

Find out about Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will (End of Life Care), Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney, Letter to My Agent (Representative) and More!

by: Arizona Office of the Attorney General

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Question: My father recently died ( he was 92 yrs) He lived in Iowa and was in a Nursing home.He was a US Veteran, I was the rep Payee for his checking account, his only daughter, and his VA fiduary, only one to make his funeral arrangements and pay the mortuary. He had no will, do I need to file formal estate paperwork and all other documents since I am his heir ? I do not have the money to file.
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Question: I have a trust fund that was set up for myself and brother when our mom passed away in 1990. My grandma was the trustee until she passed away 4 years ago. My brother is now the trustee along w my aunt. I do not have a good relationship w either of my trustees and I cannot get any communication from my brother about my trust. I have repeatedly requested info about my trust but I never get a response of any kind. I dont even know if my trust can legally be kept from me anymore or if it shld have been dispersed by now. My brother wont give me any info so I need to knw what my options are & rights
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Question: I own a rental property with another person, can I leave my half of the property to my children with a beneficiary deed?
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Question: Hello, my Mom remarried and passed away within 4 years. She had written a holographic will, that was notorized, and verified as her handwriting. She had notated that when/if the house was sold, it would be split amongst her children. She had also mentioned a life insurance policy in her will. This will was shown to all children and spouse. Before passing, Mom learned her life insurance was canceled. Questions: Even though life insurance is no longer available, but mentioned in will, is the will still valid? Also, does the Widow recieve portion of funds from house sale when not designated?
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Question: are wills in Arizona required to be recorded /registered, and are they open to the public? 
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