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Bail Bonds

To learn more about bail bonds read this article.

Arizona Supreme Court Overturns Decision on Marijuana Extracts

This article talks about the Arizona Supreme Court's decision on how Marijuana will be defined in Arizona.

The Legal Battle Over Marijuana

Arizona has legalized Marijuana but have heard about the issues that still surround its use? Before you become you end up on the wrong side of the law read this.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) In Detail

Everyone has heard stories about what you "need" to do to avoid a DUI, this article sets the record straight. Click here to learn more about DUIs.

Changing Rules for Bail Bonds

Changes are coming to the bail system. Learn more here.


Una fianza es una cantidad de dinero o el valor equivalente promete a un tribunal para asegurar la liberación de una persona que está detenida después de haber sido acusada de un delito pero.


If your loved one has been charged with a crime you may need to know about the bail process; please read the below.

Criminal Sentencing Guidelines

Criminal sentencing guidelines are the rules that establish a consistent criminal sentencing policy for certain offenses; read this article to learn more.

Saint Patrick's Day in Arizona

Learn why we are worried about Saint Patrick's Day.

Arizona's Booster Seat Laws

Summary in FAQ format of the child-restraint/booster-seat law in Arizona. 

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Question: If an undesignated felony 6 is dropped to a misdemeanor; is that person still considered a felon? Are they still required to report a felony conviction or can they legally state they are not a felon? What are the benefits of getting a felony dropped to a misdemeanor? I understand the expungement and set aside concepts but if a background check still shows a felony even though it was dropped to a misdemeanor and set aside what do we have to do to get it to show accurately and display the conviction as a misdemeanor? Whats the point if getting it dropped and set aside if it shows a felony?
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Question: I recognize that AZ restrictions raised legal age to buy tobacco to 21 but does this include pipes and water pipes?
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Question: What is the efile code for trying to withdraw a bench warrant
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Question: My ex stole my dog. I adopted her while we were dating, her adoption paperwork is in my name ONLY. We have since broken up, and he took her without my permission and will not return her. One cop said it's theft of personal property, but suggested trying to deal with it directly with my ex first, then follow up if she wasn't returned. I followed up and the next cop I talked to said it's not theft of personal property because I adopted her while in the relationship with my ex, and the adoption paper doesn't matter even if my ex and I were never married so it's not a criminal issue. Is this true?
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Question: Can a person be arrested for deflating tires on a car that the title is not in the owner's name, there is no registration, the owner does not even have an azdl
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