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Governor Ducey's Second Chance Box

On November 6, 2017, Governor Doug Ducey signed Executive order 2017-07.  With this executive order, Arizona joins more than 2 dozen other states by changing state employment procedures to give former felons a fair shot at employment.

Setting Aside Convictions and Restoring Civil Rights

Expungement? Set aside? What do they mean? Find out here.

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Question: I was arrested in January of 2019 in Gila county, the preliminary hearing was vacated and I am not being charged but when a background check was done the charges were found. I am trying to re-enter military service, is there a way to make these go away since the state is not pressing charges and it’s been the better part of two years, what are my options?
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Question: If I have a set aside for my first offense, does it affect a new arrest, possible same type of offense?
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Question: what do I need to do to get a misdemeanor off my record from 25 years ago?
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Question: If I was arrested for domestic violence, but my case was dismissed. Can the case be expunging?
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Question: In 2008 I was convicted of a undesignated class 6 in AZ that was supposed to be reduced to a misdemeanor after I completed probation which I did (got early release) and paid all my fines. It shows up as a felony on background checks . Can I get this expunged/set aside? or even changed to a misdemeanor like it was supposed to be ?
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