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Arizona's Booster Seat Laws

Summary in FAQ format of the child-restraint/booster-seat law in Arizona. 

Adoption and Child Welfare

Adoption information from the nation’s only comprehensive searchable site for statutes, regulations, key cases and leading articles about adoption and child welfare law from all 50 states

by: The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy

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Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All legal service programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for assistance.

Children Hurt Too

Children are in pain when Domestic Violence in is their lives. This Booklet gives information about how to help children deal with Domestic Violence.

by: Arizona Supreme Court, Court Services Division

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Parent Education Classes

Find out about the Parent Education Class and tips about how to help your child adjust to a divorce or separation.

by: Arizona Supreme Court, Court Services Division

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Question: My husband's divorce was finalized in AZ. The 1998 divorce Parenting Plan had a clause saying "Both parties agree to designate the child as their sold beneficiary on all life insurance policies and as the sole beneficiary of their respective estates. In the event either party remarries, the remarried party agrees to maintain the child as a beneficiary of at least 50% of their life insurance policy and estate." He just passed and his now 24 old, married, not living at home, not disabled, daughter is informally contesting his will. I know he believed this was not longer valid, I need to confirm.
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Question: If my grandparents were awarded permanent guardianship would I still be charged for child support
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Question: me and my wife split but she told me if im not with her i cant have no contact with my 1 year old son. she left turned her phone off and has not contacted me about my sons waer abouts or safty and her family tells me there in mexico witch i dont believe but she tells me not to call. i just want to know since we are legley married can she do that and do i have rights to have my son or at least see him?
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Question: My child is 7 years old , I’ve been an only parent for nearly all of that time with the non custodial parent making inconsistent monthly visits for the first year of life and completely disappearing for the next 6 (by own choice). My child was unaware non custodial parent existed . They show up months ago requesting to meet child & now is demanding parenting time . Essentially I feel as though my child was abandoned by none custodial parent & would like to know what rights to custody and parenting time the absent parent is allotted to if any after being absent for 6 years?
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Question: The father of my children has been absent for 4 years now because he is physically abusive and a drug addict. I do not want him to have access to the children if something were to happen to me as I fear he would harm them. So what can I do to take his parental rights away permanently?
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