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Question: Is it a requirement of the trailer park owner to provide a dumpster for tenants in the park

Answer: Arizona law states:

33-1434 A(5) states:


Landlord to maintain fit premises

A. The landlord shall:

5. Provide for removal of garbage, rubbish, and other waste incidental to the occupancy of the mobile home space.

In addition, A.R.S. 33-1413.01 states: 

Utility charges; waste, garbage and rubbish removal charges


If a landlord charges separately for gas, water or electricity there shall be a separate meter for every user. For each billing period the cost of the charges for the period shall be separately stated, along with the opening and the closing meter readings and the dates of the meter readings. Each bill shall show the computation of the charge generally in accordance with the serving utility company billing format for individual service supplied through a single service meter.


If the landlord separately charges for utilities, the landlord shall not charge more than the prevailing basic service single family residential rate charged by the serving utility or provider.


For the purpose of regulating mobile home parks as public or consecutive water systems, the state shall not adopt rules pursuant to title 49, chapter 2, article 9, that are more stringent than authorized by the federal government. Submetering solely to determine the charges for individual water use by park tenants for the purpose of water conservation, without other evidence indicating a transaction subject to regulation under title 49, chapter 2, article 9, shall not be used as a basis for treating any mobile home park as a public or consecutive water system.


A landlord may charge separately for removal of waste, garbage, rubbish, refuse and trash and for sewer services. Any charges for removal or sewer services may not exceed the prevailing single family residential charge, fee or rate for these services levied by the political subdivision or provider


  • Is it a requirement of the trailer park owner to provide a dumpster for tenants in the park




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