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Question: i live in a mobil home park my manager has refused my daughter to ever come visit me because shes a felon can they do that?

Answer: A mobile home park may institute rules for the safety of the tenants. The statute reads in pertinent part: 33-1452. Rules and regulations A. A landlord shall adopt written rules or regulations, however described, concerning the tenant's use and occupancy of the premises. Such rules or regulations are enforceable against the tenant only if: 1. Their purpose is to promote the convenience, safety or welfare of the tenants on the premises, preserve the landlord's property from abusive use, preserve or upgrade the quality of the mobile home park or make a fair distribution of services and facilities held out for the tenants generally. 2. They are reasonably related to the purpose for which adopted. 3. They apply to all tenants on the premises in a fair manner. 4. They are sufficiently explicit in prohibition, direction or limitation of the tenant's conduct to fairly inform the tenant of what must or must not be done to comply. 5. They are not for the purpose of evading the obligations of the landlord. 6. The prospective tenant has a copy of the current rules and regulations before the prospective tenant enters into the rental agreement. If the landlord's refusal is part of the rules of the park and were provided in writing to you when you entered into the lease or if they were provided later in writing 30 days prior to them going into effect, they are enforceable if they meet the conditions above. Otherwise, they may not be enforceable. The provision requiring 30-day notice of new rules if here: A.R.S. 33-1452 D. If any mobile home park owner adds, changes, deletes or amends any rule, notice in writing of all such additions, changes, deletions or amendments shall be furnished to all mobile home tenants thirty days before they become effective by first class or certified mail. Any rule or condition of occupancy which is unfair and deceptive or which does not conform to the requirements of this chapter shall be unenforceable. A rule or regulation adopted after the tenant enters into the rental agreement is enforceable against the tenant only if it does not work a substantial modification of the rental agreement. Please note that I am providing general information based on the limited information available to me. I am unable to provide you with legal advice, and answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship. I wish you the best.


  • i live in a mobil home park my manager has refused my daughter to ever come visit me because shes a felon can they do that?




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