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Question: Is it the renters responsibility for bed bugs or the owner of the house

Answer: The Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act makes the landlord responsible for bedbugs in an apartment complex.  However, that law does not apply to a single family residence like a house.  If there is nothing specified in your lease, the circumstances of the infestation may dictate responsibility.  Did you recently move into the house and discover the bed bugs?  Have you lived there for a period of months or years?  If you just moved into the house and discovered the bedbugs, you are in a better position to argue that the bugs were there before you moved in and the landlord is responsible for extermination.  Of course, the landlord can argue that you brought them with you on furniture or bedding.  The law requires that you notify the landlord in writing of the problem and serve him with the notice.  You can serve him by certified mail, return receipt requested or personally hand him the notice.  If you hand it to him in person, it may be advisable to record the exchange or have an impartial witness with you.  You can also email the notice to him.  If your lease discusses bedbugs, that document will probably control.


  • Is it the renters responsibility for bed bugs or the owner of the house




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