Landlord and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

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Question: What can I do if the landlord keeps calling and leaving me nasty voicemails?

Answer: This is for informational purposes only, you may want to consult an attorney for legal advice.

Landlords must obey the laws like everyone else.

The tenant may seek an injunction against harassment by the landlord if the behavior falls within the legal definition of harassment. Generally, the conduct must take place over an extended period of time and not be a single isolated incident. Forms for filing this type of action can be picked up at the courthouses at the following addresses: Downtown Phoenix: 101 West Jefferson, 1st Floor (East Court Building) in the Law Library Southeast (Mesa): 222 East Javelina, 1st Floor (Southeast Court Complex) in the Law Library.

Under A.R.S. 13-2921:

A. A person commits harassment if, with intent to harass or with knowledge that the person is harassing another person, the person:

1. Anonymously or otherwise contacts, communicates or causes a communication with another person by verbal, electronic, mechanical, telegraphic, telephonic or written means in a manner that harasses.

2. Continues to follow another person in or about a public place for no legitimate purpose after being asked to desist.

3. Repeatedly commits an act or acts that harass another person.

4. Surveils or causes another person to surveil a person for no legitimate purpose.

5. On more than one occasion makes a false report to a law enforcement, credit or social service agency.

6. Interferes with the delivery of any public or regulated utility to a person.


  • What can I do if the landlord keeps calling and leaving me nasty voicemails?




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