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Question: Can my girlfriend have my last name if we aren't married

Answer: Changing your name is a relatively simple procedure that can usually be done without a lawyer. Just about anyone can change his or her name, for any good reason. The 3 most common reasons for a name change are: When a person wants to return to a prior name after a dissolution of marriage (divorce). This type of name change is typically done as part of the divorce, but it can also be done as a separate matter. If you change your name as part of the Dissolution of Marriage (divorce), you need to get a certified copy of the Decree from the Clerk of the Court. You will be able to change your name on your driver's license, social security card and bank account with this certified copy. When a parent wants to change a child's name to be the same as the parents. When a person simply may not like the name they have, and wants to establish a new identity. A name change may not be allowed if the court thinks that the change might affect the rights of another person such as a creditor or the other parent of the child. It is important to recognize that after a name change, you are still the same person. You will still have all the same legal responsibilities and obligations; you will simply be known by a different name. Procedure for Legally Changing Your Name In order to legally change your name you must prepare three documents: Petition for Change of Name (also called an Application for Change of Name); an Order of Name Change; and a Notice of Hearing Regarding Application for Name Change. These forms can be found on the Internet at the Self Service Center of the Maricopa County Superior Court , or in person at your county superior court. Click here to find the superior court in your county. The name change forms were prepared for use in Maricopa County but can be used in other Arizona counties if you change "Maricopa" to your county name in the pleadings. Make sure you fill out the papers completely and that they are legible. Along with the forms, you can obtain a complete set of instructions for filing the petition.


  • Can my girlfriend have my last name if we aren't married




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