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  • I am a disabled female residing in an apt. complex which has been in poor condition since I moved in over 2 yrs. ago. Repairs are RARELY made and I now have a mice, termite, tick, and either a chigger or bedbug infestation which is a MAJOR health issue and an emotional one as well. I've asked the landlord for assistance as I am on SSDI and live month to month. Despite ALL my efforts, she continues to ignore me. Isn't it the Realty company's responsibility to assist with an exterminator? PLEASE HELP ME!
  • My mom's land lord gave us a letter that we had to sign for from the mail man stating that she had 60 to move out. His reason for kicking my mother out was " He wanted new tenants"? Is that legal in Arizona also his appointment does not have any smoke dectors there mold in the bathroom and kitchen I have ask him 6+ times to address this issue and he reply is ok I'm going to have someone come out and fix the toilet n sinks but no one ever came my mother has been in the hospital 4 times now due to his neglected duty to fix things in his apartments. He is a slum land lord can someone please help.
  • I'm moving to PA. Can I use my EBT card there?
  • In arizona is there a law for cps that a family of four cant live in 2 bedroom apatment and landlord knows about it and said ok. husband,wife 16 old girl and 14 teen old boy the kids have there own rooms and husband and wife sleep on the bed couch in the living room
  • I recently had a plumbing drain pipe from my kitchen sink break off inside the wall . Found this out when I was washing dishes went into bathroom And water was coming out of the walls . Notified property manager with in 1 hour . Had a plumber come out the next And was unable to fix issue . He pulled the stove back to access issue and there was a large piece of drywall missing and exposing interior wall . I'm with out a kitchen sink for for almost 4 days stove about 3 . I've been exposed to that wall being open for since I moved in 6 weeks . What are my rights ? Is this a breach of contract ?
  • Can a landlord abbrubtly, without a written notice, enter my house if I have yet to pay my months rent? I am right now 4 days late from paying.
  • Can a landlord add charges for services not in your lease because they want to do it a certain way. About 6 months ago a package delivery statin was installed and we were told it was free. Now they want everyone to use it and charge by the month for it
  • I'm dating our tenant. I'm scared to tell him. I love him so so much. I'm confused, should I tell my dad?
  • i am renting a home in casa grande az, my question is prior to moving in to the home it was listed on our rental agreement to turn on utilities before keys to the home were issued. i turned on all utilities except putting sewer and trash in my name because i never have had to before in any rental i had. now my rental manager wants me to put the bill in my name and pay back payments due for a total of four months. can the company do that? and they want to tack the fee on my rent which already is 1150 a month.
  • I have no front door on my house it been a month I signed n turned a fix paper but still nothing my roof leaks on half the house if I repair it n take it outta rent can they evict me if I provide a reciep


  • If you get a divorce, make sure your date of birth is on the Decree if your name is changing!. . .
  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .
  • Age discrimination in the workplace. . .




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