Arizona South Asians For Safe Families (ASAFSF) Profile

ASASF's mission is to increase awareness of domestic violence and provide support services to victims of DV in the South Asian community in Arizona and to emphasize the importance of a safe family environment.

P.O. Box 2748
Scottsdale, AZ 85252-2748
Phone: (877) 723-3711
Toll Free: 1-877-SAFE-711


  • I am thinking about having a yard sale. I have a steep driveway. Am I liable if a person falls due only to the steepness of the driveway? What if I put up a sign to enter at own risk?
  • I'm writing this for my brother-in-law. His son has power of attorney and he cannot get a copy. How can he get a copy and isn't the power of attorney written for a specific time frame and specific event?
  • 86 y/o widow had a will and trust set up as a single woman 3 years ago. Last year the man she lives with had a will drawn up stating that he is married to the widow. Her will & trust have not been updated and no one in the family has seen any legal document that shows they are married. She has stock, a house & and money...he has very little. She is being treated for dementia but family does not know if she is truly competent to have married this man. If she dies will her will & trust be valid as is or not? Can he contest her will and claim community property?
  • if my ex husband has custody of my kids does he need my consent to move them out of state
  • I purchased a mobile home in 55+ almost 2 years ago. I only pay lot rent monthly for lot #46. Today I received an additional email with an additional separate bill of $32 which said "Lot 47 occupied by Unit 46 extra lot fee charge". I was unaware the mh I purchased 2 years ago was on more that 1 lot, nor does any lease agreement or purchase paperwork state anything about my mh sitting on a double lot. This is the first I am hearing of this. Out of the blue they are billing me for a partial additional lot. Can they legally do that after 2 years? Space/Lot #47 is not mentioned anywhere.
  • I took out a Renters Insurance Policy for thief or property damage. My apartment was burglarized. My wheelchair was stolen and the insurance refuses to pay because it was issued by the VA Medical center. Are they exempt from paying for items issued to me?
  • Can my wages be garnished after a foreclosure? ?
  • A California court awarded me full legal and physical custody of my daughter after her father hit her. He has been convicted of domestic violence, drug and misc criminal charges. He is supposedly "clean" now and court ordered that he can call my daughter once per week. This is the extent of their relationship. I currently live in Arizona and want to be sure that if something were to happen to me, my sister would have guardianship. My daughter is now 13, does not want to live with him and I strongly believe it is not in her best interest to live with him. She has very close relationship with my sister and my sister would provide stability. Can I "transfer" my custodial rights to my sister and direct that custody not go to my ex or his family in a will?
  • I am reaching out on behalf of my mother. My mother has toxoplasmosis and has been losing her eyesight gradually. It is hard for her to do things by herself (but she is proud and I can’t watch her all the time to make sure she doesn’t cause issues like this). My mom ordered checks through a third party associated with her bank. this website makes her enter her own account numbers. Due to this, she accidentally made bad checks and tried to pay her rent with one. They didn’t notify us until yesterday that the check bounced and are trying to charge us 100 dollars in fees. Can I fight this legally
  • So my niece got taken away from her mother by cps and was placed with the step father . My brother her dad is in prison is there anyway i can get her back.





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  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Maricopa County Bar
    Referral number 602-257-4434
  • Pima County Bar
    Referral number 520-623-4625
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center
  • Certified Legal Document Preparer Program