Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona, Inc. Profile

A broad range of programs serving Pima, Pinal and Gila counties, ranging from counseling for individual and family problems, assistance to immigrants and refugees, shelters for pregnant teenagers and single women and their infants, nutrition programs and case management for elderly.

140 W. Speedway, Suite 230
Tucson, AZ 85705-7688
Phone: (520) 623-0344
Catholic Community Services in Western Arizona
Pio Decimo Center
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Clinic
Southwest Community Services - The Division of Disabled Persons


  • We are renting a house but one window is broken. We noticed it when we first moved in and that has been over 6 months ago. It's the only window in the room. The agency knows about the window but have not done anything. I feel it's a safety issue. What are our rights?
  • Laws against organized community harassment?
  • How do i get the forms needed to set aside or expunge my criminal record from Graham county and do i need an attorney to do this for me?
  • I just found out the house I'm renting is in foreclosure. My daughter is attending school in the area too. Do I have any rights or am I just stick waiting to see what happens? Do I pay rent? Thank You!
  • My landlord is requiring beginning August 1st every tenant to take an unnecessary utility called RegalWaste and upon renewal to pay $15 a month for this service, even though regular trash will continue and charged for in the utility bill. RegalWaste includes storing their bins in your bins until pickup time from in front of your door and then bringing it back into your apt. till the next day. Is this legal and what if I say no.
  • a man is demanding I pay him for assisting me in selling a house I sold "by owner" I he is not licensed. He claims we had an oral agreement that I would pay him rather then hiring a realtor He is suing me for $5000
  • The landlord shut off our water at 3 in the afternoon and said it was only for a half hour to fix a small leak. It is now 8 am the following day and our water is still off with no word from our landlord. What can I do or call to get this issue remedied
  • Thank you for allowing me a question....and answer. I leased a house October 2017, with a one year lease. After that it was "technically" on month-to-month. My husband and I purchased a house in Cave Creek with a VA loan closing in May 2019. To make it "easier" for my Landlord I found him a replacement tenant. She was accepted. My nightmare began.....she had the house - my purchased house fell out....the LL ignore me.......literally making me vacate the premises so the new tenant could move in. I was verbally abused - my property thrown on the driveway. I was homeless. Help?
  • My son rents in a MHP for three years. He has called about different things like no water outlet outside and dishwasher didn't work, etc they told him they would get it fixed. Still no water hook up outside, I fixed the dishwasher, him and I repaired the stove (which went out Thanksgiving day) the exhaust hood doesn't work. They haven't fixed a thing. The rent has been raised. Now there are adult kids that have tried twice now to break into their Jeep(grabbed his work badge even with an alarm that went off). We aren't the only ones. What can he do. He pays his rent and is quiet unlike others.
  • The drain gets clogged. Who pays for the repair when it’s the tenants Hair clogging the drain. Second time in 60 days




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  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Maricopa County Bar
    Referral number 602-257-4434
  • Pima County Bar
    Referral number 520-623-4625
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center
  • Certified Legal Document Preparer Program