• I live in a condo and I rent from a management company. I was given a visitors pass for when I would have guests over. Recently there has been parking violations on my fiance's car and said it will be towed. I have nothing in my rental lease that states that I can not let guests park at my place of residence. would this warrant me to break my lease and not lose my deposit? I can not have any guests? or the car will be towed?
  • I am not sure if anything can be done . My son who is 26 yrs old had his jaw broken, it was broken to two places and it was also dislocated. He had surgery and had a plate put in. His bit is not even now and he has what we believe is a small sharp bone sticking out where his jaw joins so when he bites this bone digs into the side of his jaw. he has already went to his follow up from the hospital and at that time he asked the Dr why this was with the bone and his bite and the Dr replied I did the best I could. Is there any thing we can do regarding this? did the hospital get the rite DR
  • My landlord intends to sell the home I currently rent. We had agreed via text message that we would enter into a years lease but a formal lease was never signed. Are text messages considered a legal binding agreement?
  • I live in senior apartments In Peoria AZ. My son who is trying to quit using drugs stayed with me for about 2 weeks waiting to go into rehab. A neighbor complained and I spoke with management and they told me that it was not a problem not to worry about it and the after his TB test was completed he needed to be out. About a week later I receive notice that due to excessive grease on my stove (of which there was VERY little of and I have photos to prove this) that if I didn't clean the grease they would terminate my residency and they refered me to AZ revised statute 33-1368 (A). After looking at this statute it has nothing to do with cleaning a grease from my oven or any other kind of upkeep on my residence but with having guests etcetera... they also said I have five days to clean it up or they will issue at termination. Is there anything I can do?
  • My ex-wife and I sought mediation to end our marriage and have custody agreements regarding our two children. I am the non-custodial parent in the agreement. Recently I have been offered a job in another state but want to be sure I know my rights when move across state lines in reference to visitation with my children in the State of Arizona? I'd like to know that I have right to see my children for half their major school breaks and such...thanks for your help.
  • My ex wife moved to another state with our children, she does not work, and I ssupport their household financially, however it is all considered child support as it is writen in the decree. I ensured the decree stated I could claim the children on my taxes so long as I am up-to-date with my payments. Due to the condition, there is a form she is required to sign. I am up-to-date but she refuses to sign. What are my options to enforce the decree?
  • I am 74 & receiving social security benefits. My wife has Parkenson's disease and receives government benefits and she also has a small part time job. I know that acreditor cannot touch benefits given by the federal government but what is the maximum money she can earn from her part time, i.e., $200, $400, whatever in a month's time yet is not subject to being garnished by a creditor? And what is the Arizona law stating this?
  • Should I file for bankruptcy if I cannot pay my debts?
  • Our lease currently expired on Oct 25th. 6 months ago, we reached out to see what the landlords intention was. After pleading with the owner, he agreed to renew and negotiated a rent price. Now, 2 weeks ago, we were sent an email with the owners intent to sell. We reminding them of the previous conversation and was told again, that the owner was going to honor his word and renew and talked about rent price. And just today we received an email that the owner will 100% be selling. Do we have any recourse since it was clear of his intent to renew?
  • I work in sales with commissions and might be changing jobs. Will I be due the commissions from my old job?




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