• What parental rights do I have as a non-custodial parent. The custodial parent refuses to inform of medical conditions, medical and dental visits, school functions (states I am forbidden to attend), parent-teacher conferences, open house at school, basically he believes I am not permitted to have any form of contact outside my ordered visitation time - Saturdays 7am - 6pm?
  • How do I know if my marriage is a covenant marriage?
  • I am on Arizona Workers' Compensation my surgeon has released me to a pain management doctor. My back has not improved and I have chronic pain half of the day an the other half I am asleep for the medication. I don't want to live this way I want my back injury fixed, what are my options can I ask for another surgeon.
  • can i get compensated by the government for being my moms sole live in caregiver
  • My lease agreement with my landlord ended in November 2018. We are still living in the Unit, but she gave us a notice to vacate by april 6th 2020. She never made us sign another lease agreement for the last year and a half. I'm choosing to move out March 12th but the landlord is saying I still have to pay March's rent because my roommate is staying until March 31st. Am I obligated to stay and pay March's rent even though there is no new lease agreement and I signed a notice to vacate by April 6th. Which I'm leaving before that.
  • What is necessary to bring and/or fill out for a Parenting Conference with Conciliation Services ? Is there usually more than one conference? Is a child younger than the statutory age often interviewed?
  • I filed for divorce 6yrs ago paid all that money and they say i am still married. My Husband has moved back to morrocco and i dont know how to find him. havent seen him in 6yrs how do i get a divorce from him if i cant find him?
  • I am pregnant with me and my boyfriend's first child together he is an alcoholic when he drinks he blacks out and gets aggressive and sometimes abusive I do not want my daughter raised around that how can I make sure that he cannot see the baby if he is drinking do I have to go to court and get a lawyer
  • My ex is married now and his wife refuses to abide by the parenting agreement we made in court. Does she legally have to abide by the parenting agreement?
  • In Phoenix do the park managers have to live on site, in parks where you own the home but not the land and they have a park office?




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