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  • My ex-boyfriend has three different jobs. One of them is a firefighter job where he works at strait 36 hour shift so he’s free the majority of the week to work another full-time job. He also works another side job once a week. Because of him working 6, 10 hour plus shifts a week, amongst other issues with him I get little to no help with our infant daughter. This has drastically decreased the hours I can work and my income. He is telling me that legally he will only have to pay me child support from one of his jobs only and not all of them. Is this true?
  • My cousin. Is claiming. To be pregnant. With twins. From my boyfriend. We want a paternity test is there anyway. We can get it court ordered. If she dont want to take it
  • How long do I have to live with an ant infestation while they "try" to remedy it. This will be the 3rd months rent paid still having the problem.
  • "Is it legal for an owner of Real Property using a single family residential water meter of 5/8" in size instaled by city of Phoenix for the single Residential home built in 1940, to add 10 single family Mobile Homes on the same real property, share the water serviced to the 5/8" water meter to that parcel, receive city bill for real property once a month then charge each home seperately what the city charges the meter to make money"?
  • Do I was given a 60 day notice to vacate from my landlord because he said the property was going to be sold. If they dont sell the property and put it up for rent can I pursue legal actions? I feel like they gave me a 60 day notice because their maintenance man moved things around in my yard which allowed my dog to get out of my yard and I told the landlord I would take the maintenance man to court if something happened to my dog and 2 weeks later got the notice and 2 weeks after that someone hit and killed my dog... what can I do?
  • Good Afternoon, I'm a Senior at NAU and a retired Marine. I have an arrangement set for 9/5/2018, in Surprise AZ. This is a DUI charge that took place 5/2017. I blew a 0.00 but was instructed to give a urine sample. I want to take this case into veterans court in Flagstaff. I want this different venue because I live and go to school here in Flagstaff. How can I go by doing this? Thank you for your time.
  • Court ordered 50/50 custody - no relatives for either parent residing in State - in case of emergency e.g. motor vehicle accident involving child and parent how is other parent located? email:aryleneoliver@sympatico.ca
  • For 2 1/2 years I have rented a house to my son with no rental agreement or lease. I have been lax about late payments. I have come to need to sell the house for financial reasons. He has paid no rent for December and it is now 12/17/18 and I have no idea if he ever will. What needs done to get him out so that I can do repairs and put the house up for sell??
  • How much time does a landlord have to repair a heater in an apartment complex in the winter?
  • I am the legal guardian of my two grandsons. Their mother (my daughter) is in prison. The father refuses to accept any responsibility saying they are not his children, even though he was married to my daughter when all three of the children were born. The Court has ordered him to have paternity testing, but he has refused to do so. I am 52 years old and need help supporting these children. Since their father refuses, and their mother is in prison, can I adopt these children and get any kind of aid for them?


  • I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO. . .
  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .
  • Age discrimination in the workplace. . .




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