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  • Can an "OTHER DISMISSAL W/O PREJUDICE" be expunged and how?
  • what do i do if my friends father and brother is fisicaly hurting her and her boyfriend every day. ( thay have marks on ther body every time i see them and i guess the police are not doing anything for her or her boyfriend.they have ben called numerious times for a variety of violent crimes and absouluty nothing has ben dun. fro,m what im being told. is this possible
  • Does the income of my 17 year old daughter count?
  • Can my landlord evict myself or my girlfriend, because my girlfriend has been living with me but is not on the lease, even though the landlord has been aware of it since she moved in 6 months ago?
  • My ex wife (my wife at the time.) 2003 was an arthurized user on my bank account, and she wrote a NSF check. I was issued a warrant for it even though she wrote it and i was unaware. I believe even till this day I have a warrant. Is there a statue of limitations? Or can i be held accountable for her doing the crime.
  • Where Can I Buy Cialis Without Prescription Online at Lowest Price?

  • Is my landlord responsible for getting rid of mice and roaches, or am I? I called and told them I had seen both, and was told to go buy traps.
  • I own my mobile home can park raise my rent
  • Is it legal for my landlord to put on the lease that I am responsible for the repair or replacement of the house's appliances? Stove, fridge, washer/dryer. They are not new.
  • Hello!! at the present time I'm a residente of Phoenix,Az. However, I've a child support case going in Puerto Rico. I'm trying to obtain a reduction in my child support payments since now I have a new baby and my financial situation has been deeply affected, plus others factors that I'm willing to discuss later. From the child support office in PR I was suggested to start my case here. How do I start that process? Who do I contact? What kind of paperwork do I need? Thanks for your time!!




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