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  • We have 5 months left on our lease. The homeowners informed us in Jan. 2014 that they will be selling the home. We have been very accommodating for private showings.Now they want to have a open house and asked us not be present along with our dogs. We said okay with the open house but we will be there.Now they are nit picking us , we have been there for three years with NO issues whatsoever. I heard they if they want to sell it as vacant they can "buy us out" of our lease and give us moving expenses as well. Is that true?
  • I have a DO case through Pinal County.. My ex husband is over 30days past do on his child support, which is $1380.00 a month for 2 kids.. He keeps telling me the money has been sent and I have not received a dime!! Can I stop his visitation till he pays???
  • Does a landlord have to store my left over belongings after a fuve day eviction
  • I bought a mobile home a year ago, the park manager told me that he would give me the title if I signed a power of attorney, I did it and he still hasn't given me the title, I asked him for the title a few days ago and he told me to sign another power of attorney to give me the title, is this legal? What can I do to get my MH title?
  • I filed a motion for relief of judgement regarding the acknowledgement of paternity(after the 60 day period) and the judge said I need a proper petition filed before the court can take action. what petition do I need? I have searched through forms and cannot find the correct petition to file the motion under.
  • What can I do about my social security card and Id being stolen out of my vehicle
  • I called my auto insurance company to have a company replace my window in my auto the glass installer damaged my car. My insurance company said it was not one of their authorized dealers so they can help me. I want to take the glass company to small claims court to see if i can get resolution for the cost of the damages the paper work ask if this is a contract or tort. I did not sign a contract with the glass company so I'm confused as to what to use for the type of claim on the paper work.
  • My 23 year old son was hit in a accident and passed away .He left a 3 year old daughter and I have had this little girl since birth 4 to 6 days a week daily .Her mother works and lived with me for the first 8 months of her life .My son also lived with me and remained with me even when they split .I have always provided for my grandaughter and she even has her own room here and because her mom and I were in a argument for her clearing out a armoire that had my private things in it after I requested her not to do so she now says I'll never see my grandaughter again. Do I have rights ?
  • When there is a fire in your apartment what responsibilities does the landlord have as far accommodating me and making sure the apartment is free of any hazardous materials
  • Can I get specifics on Foreclosures and how long before I go into foreclosure do have to make a payment?





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