DES Aging and Adult Program Profile

Offers a basic legal service program for those over the age of 60. A paralegal answers basic legal questions or helps client fill out forms for obtaining a lawyer through other services.

1789 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 542-4446


  • I was homeless w/ a puppy & offered home in exchange for cleaning and lawn svcs. he bills owners for. Owner would text, call, & pop in daily. I got a p/t job to earn cash. When I wasn’t there he gave me one day to get out due to lack of communication. I painted patio, garage, shelves, trimmed trees and shrubs, planted flowers, cleaned all units regularly, & complied. I did good work because his clients sent me reviews & he got paid! Can he do that or can I stay until I find a place?
  • My daughter is 15 and she still dont want to go visit with her dad, she says dad treats her bad like an inmate and make her feel bad and dont feel safe, she gets a lot of anxiety when its her days she has to go, can I take her to court and find someone that could help us support her at court?
  • Can a Landlord deny a rental due to a felony arrest from 10 years ago that was dismissed in court?
  • I bought a home in a MH park and applied for rental then landlord changed lock on door and wont let me in and denies application but wont tell me why. How do I get in my own home? I a more than willing to pay rent. I have almost 700 credit and no fellonies.
  • My grandson was killed he had no estate what shall I do with his bills that keep coming
  • I recently filed a Response to a Petition for Modification of Child Support. My hearing has been set for the end of February. Do I need to submit judge's working papers or supporting documentation for the judge to review prior to my hearing and if so, what is the document called that I would attach my exhibits to?
  • I live in one of the hotels( a kitchenette) in town new owners just took over. Like to know If they are aloud to walk in my Room any time they want?
  • I've owned my mobile home for 6 years now and the new owners of the mobile home park are now asking me to pay 100$ non refundable deposit for my dogs. Can this legally be done? I not renting any kind of structure, just the plot of dirt. Please advise
  • My boyfriend owes almost $100,000 to the State of California. He is paying off the welfare that his ex wife was on. His paychecks are garnished and as of a few days ago his bank account was too. I was planning on joining the Navy in the spring and we wanted to get married. My question is: Will his child support debt transfer to me?Will they be able to garnish my wages and bank account? Will any of this be put on my credit score?
  • My 2 daughters reside at clear creek apartments flagstaff...they pay 1250 a month for their apartment. In the amenities it list HEAT is one the items provided in the apartment. They have a THERMOSTAT SWITCH in the apartment. When they did their walk through they were instructed to turn on to be sure it was in working order it WASNOT they told management and have NOT RECEIVED ANY response. They have been told nothing about it. I have sent emails and placed phone calls to have no response. What can we do. They are freezing. Short of buying space heaters for every room and run the risk of fire




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  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Maricopa County Bar
    Referral number 602-257-4434
  • Pima County Bar
    Referral number 520-623-4625
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center
  • Certified Legal Document Preparer Program