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The Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s Civil Litigation Clinic may be able to assist you in the following types of civil matters at no or little cost: · Consumer cases · Tenant's Rights (no evictions) · Employment · Unemployment Insurance Appeals We DO NOT handle any type of family law matters.

111 E. Taylor Street, MC 8820
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: NA


  • Who is responsible for trmiming palm trees and other large trees and oleander?
  • I moved out of this apartment complex 4 years ago. Never recieved any letters, e-mails, or phone calls regarding famages or fees. So I assumed there wasnt any. I left that apartment spotless and was om a good credit agreement where I paid a small non refundable deposit apposed to a larger refundable one. Here we are 4 years later after I recieve an e-mail stating I owe them money! This is their first contact with me since I moved out. Can they still hold me accountable after all this time? I feel as though they are just trying to scam me for money.
  • My employer offers IFMLA and FMLA for medical reasons I exhausted the fmla and returned to work. How does the policy impact those who have been employees already for 4plus years who may need IFMLA when they return. My medical issue is still present but the company advised I have to be working again for 12 month 1250 hours before becoming eligible is this correct? I have read other employer policies and do not see where they roll back to the original date of the first leave request.
  • What happens if damage to the property is greater than 1/2 months rent or greater than $300 and the landlord wont fix the issue caused by weather?
  • what can I do if my house went on foreclosure 2 years ago? how can it affect me and my family want to rent a place to live?
  • I live in Idaho and my daughters live in Arizona. I'm still married with my ex and my daughters want to live with me now. I was wondering if her parents could prevent me from taking them back to Idaho. Or do I have to take this to court?
  • We have leased our home and the lease does not expire until 5/31/14. I now have to retire because of health reasons and would like to return to my home in AZ. We are currently renting in Iowa. Can I break the lease to get back into my own home? It is my primary residence.
  • Had building inspected privately and my unit had black mold. Myself and toddler became sick. They never fixed it. Made it worse by having us live in an unsuitable and unsafe living environment for about 2 weeks. There was water dripping from the open ceiling. They placed a large plastic cover over my bed with an extension chord that was lying over my bed hanging out window and left it. I have a toddler. Rain + Water and an open window! LEFT THE EXTENSION CHORD OUT THE WINDOW not smart. Wasn't fixed in 3 weeks so so I moved and they placed an eviction on my record. Need advice
  • Our friend who was a single parent caring for her 13 year old son just past away. The father has always been in the life of this child and now has promised to dedicate all that is needed to continue raising him. My concern is if something happens to his father and if there is a legal actiin that can take place prior in order to avoid this child ever becoming involved with state litigation etc
  • I have a first time conviction DUI and it reads as a felony. I have done my time, paid my fines and attended my AA classes. It has been five years since my conviction. Can my record be expunged? I live in Hawaii and my lic is suspended and jobs out here require a drivers lic. Is there a way I can get my record cleared so I can reinstate my drivers lic?




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  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Maricopa County Bar
    Referral number 602-257-4434
  • Pima County Bar
    Referral number 520-623-4625
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center
  • Certified Legal Document Preparer Program