Arizona Attorney General's Office (Prescott) Profile

The Arizona Attorney General's Office in Prescott provides a variety of services to the people living in Northern Arizona including but not limited to issues of fraud, health care and abuse.

1000 Ainsworth Dr
Ste A-210
Prescott, AZ 86305-1610
Phone: (928) 778-1265


  • Mom and Dad never divorced, dad past in Jan. '13. We are six siblings same parent's. Dad had a live in spouse for about 25 years and he may have added her name to both his houses and cars. Is mom entitled to his social security money and assets?
  • So at my apartments I pay my own srp bill And this month I received a second bill from the apartments saying I need to pay extra for power that they use in the clubhouse and pool area. Is that legal???
  • My boyfriend and I are both on an apartment lease agreement. I went out of town to visit my sister for summer. When I was ready to come back home I was told boyfriend moved out of apartment and he let 3 of his friends move in and A dog. Can I just call police and have them removed
  • How do I add my father to my birth certificate. My mother was not married at the time of my birth; nor has she married since.
  • I'm involved in family court case the mother isn't being cooperative and I may have to file for a default in this case. Is it possible for me to request a copy of the child's birth records to verify the validity of the case prior to filing for a default if she is being resistive to filing a response?
  • I have raised my grandaughter since she was six months and she is now 7 yrs old. My son lives with me and has legal guardianship over her. Her mother came and got her two days ago stating she now wants to raise her. What legal grounds do I have or what can I do to obtain guardianship over her?
  • I rent an apart. in Chandler. a neighbor leaves cat food out on the sidewalk 2 feed stray cats. I talked to the manager and she says there is nothing she can do.The issue now is there is a roach and ant infestation do2 the cat son turned out2 be allergic to roach bites &has fallen down and hit his head when he step on the food.there are even roaches on my bed at night when we r sleeping. She just to keep my apart. clean and has the regular guy come over to spray but this doesn't help. What can I do???
  • how old does the minor have to be to choose to stop vistation in arizona
  • Can child support arrears garnish social security disability?
  • After filing a "notice of claim" at the state attorney general's office, how much time does the state's attorney have to respond ?





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  • Pima County Bar
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