• Who does a landlord get reported to if they fail to issue security deposits within 14 days?
  • How many hours does a landlord have to give to come and inspect the OUTSIDE of their renters’ home?
  • This is an odd question for Arizona, but in the summer my landlord keeps the thermostat locked when he is in town. He is a rather large man, and keeps the A/C at 69 during the summer. Myself and my roommate nearly have to wear winter garments to be comfortable. Not only is this a waste of electricity, but it is extremely uncomfortable for his tenants. Is there anything I can do about this? Legally.
  • How much financial info do I need to provide a landlord, ie; account numbers, amount of money in stocks, bonds and municipal funds. I am very concerned about disclosing this type of information w/ all the hacking going on in our society today...
  • We have a tenant that will not answer our calls, texts, emails or answer his door we suspect that no one is living in the home because it is a filthy, unhealthy mess completely unsanitary There are cats living in the home but empty cats food cans all over the kitchen floor we looked in the window and saw a cat The window was partially opened and when we looked inside all we could smell was a strong Oder of cat urine They have not paid rent in 3 months and we can’t find or get hold of them They have completely destroyed our home What are our rights? Can we enter the home?
  • I signed a lease for an apt in a dog friendly neighborhood. My upstairs neighbor works at night and sleeps during the day. She claims she can hear my dogs barking insessently all day long. Careful monitoring proves that they may bark at a sound like the rest of the dogs in the complex and the world. Nothing to prove her claim of excessive barking she does not own a dog. Am I able to terminate my lease? Is this discrimination since I am the only one who is being kept to a different standard?
  • We have a serious mold problem. Everyone in the house is sick all the time. It is from the leaks in the roof which have been fixed over and over by the maintenance men. Is this negligence on the landlords part and can we sue for damages?
  • If house is foreclosed on, what does the new owner need to provide to the old owner and how long does the the old owner have to get out by law?
  • By law How many days does a landlord have to hold your possession?
  • As a tenant of a home there are several repairs that are needed on the home from the beginning all but two repairs re listed on the move-in-inspection report and submitted now after a 10 months still no repair what is my next step.



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  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
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