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  • My father has dementia- he is 76 yrs old and his current wife wants to put him in the VA in long term care- we are 100% against this as his Children. She won’t allow us any say with his care. I have medical power of attorney from several years back. Is there anything I can do and does that ever expire? She doesn’t know that I have this.
  • I was served with a protection order and had to leave my home. My girlfriend went by the house and noticed my roommate who had me served took my door off its hinges and stole my tools out of my room as well as the shed. What do I do?
  • My father recently moved to AZ; however, his Will was written (through an Attorney) while he was living in the state of Washington. Is his Will legal in AZ? Is there anything further he needs to do?
  • where can i find a list of current arizona rules of civil procedure. searches keep referring to federal rules of civil procedure.
  • I have court order establishing visitaion from Texas. However, I recently moved to AZ where my son lives. I want to modify the order. Should I go through the AZ or TX courts? What do paperwork do I need to file? I can not afford a lawyer.
  • My ex wife is living with a convicted felon. Is there a way to compel her to give his criminal history? Also they had a dv incident several months ago where both him and her were charged but charges were dropped. Is this relevant for child custody? I do not want this man around my children.
  • I married in 2001 when i turned 21 to a man i really didnt know he ended up having another family in mexico he left me a month later never heard from him again i believe hes in mexico how can i file for a divorce
  • Can the landlord put a lock on ac unit
  • what are the income guidelines
  • If I think that you have a "disability," what "reasonable accommodation" does your company have to make?




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