Expunging or sealing records Comments

8/16/10 AZLAwHelp.org said
Coconino County Superior Court serves individuals in Flagstaff.

8/6/10 Bob said
Where is the form for Flagstaff Justice court? Or, do I simply use the Maricopa Superior court form?

8/4/10 Law Librarian said
The Coconino County web address has changed to http://www.coconino.az.gov/lawlibrary.aspx?id=19434

4/30/09 Ronald said
This answer was not helpful.

2/28/09 sam said
NM has a bill in progress now concerning this very topic. I hope it makes it way through the senate and house. I am 47 now, but still am considered a danger, I guess, even though I have no post record since 1990.

12/27/08 Sarah said
Why isn't there any information about how many years court records are available to the public.

10/1/08 John said

3/6/08 Douglas said
Hello,On May 20th 1999 I received information that I was charged with the offence of Aggravated Assault pursuant to A.R.S 13-1204. I completed my probation. Can I get this charge set-aside now and move on with my life. What steps do I take???

9/14/07 Ian said
Once something is "set-aside" how will it appear on a background check?

6/25/07 ck said
I am wondering that if I am successful in getting my conviction "set-aside" will that entitle me to be able to legally answer "NO" to application forms that ask if I have ever been convicted of felony?

6/4/07 Chris said
I found this website that will help you do the paperwork to set aside the arrest. Go to www.removeit.org

5/8/07 Vincent said
Is this a recent change? In 1991, my attorney made a deal with the Maricopa court for expunging my record. I completed the community service and the judge signed an expunge order. So if they only "set aside", how was mine granted?

5/4/07 Sally said
What is the procedure for applying to have a conviction set aside? If there are 2 misdemeanors on separate dates and the terms of probation have been fulfilled on both, do we need to go to both courts?

5/1/07 Carol said
How do I go about getting my convictions set aside in Yuma county?

4/19/07 Laurie said
Could you please tell me who represented you when you had your judgement of guilt set aside? I've been in the process of trying to get mine set aside and I want to make sure I do it right.

2/15/07 Paul said
Does this amendment to Section 13-4051 mean that AZ now does have an expungement option rather than just the option to petition a conviction to be set aside? If so, how would I go about converting my already "set aside" conviction to become expunged