Child Support Comments

8/5/10 chuck said
wow... 100 bucks a month for three kids... ti hafta pay 518 a month for one... i dont have a job and i cant even support myself.. how in the world are they gonna throw somethin like that at me?thats not far..

7/12/10 Suzi said
I could go on and on about this subject. I had to take on two extra p/t jobs (I am a degreed educator) to put food on the table while the kids' dad made sure his income dropped. Of course he has enough to buy season tickets for the Cardinals since 90

3/15/10 Theresa said
Child support paymentsare not out of control...I read that and it made me angry. I do not agree though that I only get 99.85 for 3 kids per month. what is that? It was 301.59 and then was lowered!!!

2/26/10 Robyn said
AZ law looks at the amount the ex pays based on their income. The court doesn't care about what kinds of decisions he has made after he is ordered to pay support. He shouldn't have had more kids if he couldn't afford them.

12/20/09 kathy said
I thik child support is out of control. Where do they come up with the numbers? My husband is paying 680 a month his oldest son is 18 and the youngest is 14. Him and I have an infant that goes without basic supplies because my husband pays so much!

2/21/09 Patricia said
It seems there is very little enforcement after the decree unless one continues to pay an attorney and go back to court which is prohibitive to many people.

10/22/08 MAN said
I appear for a modification with letter from employer my pay was going to be reduced. The judge ignored and triple my payments, my income has now dropped by 60%-not kidding. So its fair that my two kids will lose their home? Other kid isn't mine!!!

10/19/08 Unknown said
The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Try contacting the Governor's Offc: Div for Women & Children. I believe you'll get better assistance than with DES.

9/2/08 Lucia said
I agree that Arizona does nothing about helping collect. My Ex is self employed and refuses to pay. I took him to court and he walked out smirking at my feeble attempt. He just cries poor and hides all his money in his LLC and gets away with it.

6/18/08 jenn said
I just went through this with my ex. The state handled it because i don't work, due to my daughter being autistic, She said that if i had a letter stating the reason i didn't work then she could put it down that i make nothing. There are ways.

5/1/08 Kathy said
Az is absolutely the worst state to help single moms get the child support they deserve. CSE should let every single mom know that once your child reaches the age of 18 any they will do nothing to help get arrearages. Court fees are outrageous!

4/10/08 kelly said
If you owe any arrears (back support)it will be collected until the balance is paid in full.

2/17/08 carlos said
When someone gets assistance in arizona, does that give AZ jurisdiction, dispite the child not being here 6 mos?

11/1/07 Heather said
My ex started a job and refuses to have his wages garnished for present and arrears in support. How can I find out where he works?

9/29/07 Cely said
I don't know what else to do to collect child support when my ex have his own bussines and the state is not going after him.

9/24/07 Trish said
This is the worst run agency. It took over 2yrs for them just to process my application for support enforcement. I contacted them regularly to see the status on my claim. By the time the other parent was contacted my son had turned 18! They are slow!

9/17/07 Mike said
There is a women who I was never married to no real relationship with. Now wants money for her child. I am divorced supporting my 3 girls and X. Can she get past support that she did not petition for & will it affect my first family's $'s?

9/13/07 Paul said
DCSE made a "mistake" a year ago telling me my child was emancipated, stopped support, and now is charging me arrears for their mistake. This is a horrible nightmare which never seems to end.

9/13/07 Chris said
Is there anything someone can do if they suspect that the support money is not being used in the way the agreement describes?

9/10/07 Jason said
In my case, we share equal custody and time and make the same income. But the forms always bias a small portion of support to one or the other parent, even when every factor is equal.

9/10/07 Marisela said
When a 21 yr old gets a 16 yr old pregnant and denies having fathered a baby, 5 yrs later he wants to be a father what is one to do to stop and avoid this as charges were filed against him at the time yet the Grand Jury dropped the charges.

9/6/07 LaKeshia said
DCSE is the worst government that was ever formed. I have a deadbeat dad that ran to the state of AZ to avoid paying for the five children he helped to create. Its a shame the custiodial parents have to go thru so much.

8/28/07 Robert said
I just found out that child support was not stopped on my child that is no 21, after I called to find out what needed to be done to stop it, I recieved a letter letting me no how much money I over Paid, my question is am I able to get my money back.

8/28/07 Paul said
The DCSE is attempting to force me to pay support beyond my son's 19th birthday without providing me with any documentation as to why. Is this legal and if not, how can I take action? I am not behind in support and my son was 18 last December.

8/28/07 Paul said
The DCSE is the worst run bureaucracy I have ever had the misfortune to be at the mercy of. Complete incompetence is a better description. Non-custodial parents: be ready for the fight of your life even though you do everything right.

8/6/07 Nicole said
What do I need to file now that the judgement for arrears has been ordered and the defendant is not paying at all towards the judgement and the date to satisfy the judgement has passed? I just need to know what form to file. Thanks!!

7/22/07 John said
One thing must be kept in mind: the State exists for the sole purpose of making money; and the only way it can make money is by taking it away from its citizens. The State doesn't give a damn about its citizens. It only cares about making money.

7/17/07 Dena said
Its been 3 yrs since iv appliied for childsupport ive provided evertthing ss # every thing i still havent recieved an order or child support they still havent located him what can i do

7/2/07 Nichole said
I have joint custody with my x of our 2 boys, He sporadically pays child support, but rarely sees the kids, It has been a year this week since he has called, seen, or even written to the kids. Does that constitute abandonment?

6/27/07 mary said
My ex has custodial custoday of our 3kids If I remarry will my new husbands income effect what i might have to pay my ex if he were to take me to court for child support

6/4/07 Carlos said
How many months over due on payments is the payer allowed before the state of AZ. enforces charges or license suspension.

5/24/07 Leaha said
How does a mother receive any kind of assistance when the father is incarcerated?

5/21/07 Susan said
Why is it when the mother is receiving child support and also state assistants, the state wants the father to pay for the assistant that the mother is receiving.

4/9/07 DeeDee said
My ex husband owes over $100,000.00 in arrears. I have been trying to collect for over 9 years and Child Support Enforcement has only gotten me 1 check for under $400.00 this whole time. What else can I do? They tell me hire a P.I.....RIGHT!!

4/3/07 Angi said
Clearinghouse/DCSE "lost" $41,641.85 in arrears in Oct 2006. Have had order since Sept 1992... took them from 1998-2005 to do a modification (5 requests), they are supposed to do a "review" of every case every three years.Can someone explain that?

3/29/07 shanna said
My ex-husband has visitation set forth through a parenting plan. He doesn't pay any child support, and it is extremely hard to drive two states away to make the exchange. Is there anything I can do to get out of driving that far?

3/9/07 Carla said
tallk about the system being broken I make 9 dollars an hour and my ex makes 12.00 dollars an hour I have to pay child support and we split equal amounts of time with our daughter. Somebody please explain that one to me???

2/26/07 ramona said
how far back can you recieve child support if the child is fifteen years of age an no court order was in place.

2/24/07 rebecca said
I filed for child support increase and received a higher amount, however the new child support was caculated on a false income amount it was $2000.00 less then what he actually earns.I filed for reconsideration & was denied

2/15/07 ELLEN said

1/17/07 Robert said
I am going to court in Feb this year for child support after 14 years. The mother lied about my income and job. The amount is ridiculous and I am homeless and poor for the second time because of this and trying to pay it. Is there a Defender for me.

12/13/06 Andy said
To Kellie: Cuz they already got it! And know the state wants it back, that's why!

12/12/06 Ed. said
See Question 86

12/6/06 Darlne said
I have not recieved payment in years. I have filed all papers, taken action and still nothing is being done.

11/29/06 Don said
How can the Clearinghouse go above the court order? In my case they explained that they can do "Whatever they want and does not have to abide by court orders." The system is broke and no legislator wants to touch the subject.

11/19/06 Tom said
My daughter will turn 18 in October 2007, but has dropped out of high school. Do I have to pay child support through May of 2008 (when she would have graduated) or can I stop support when she turns 18?

11/3/06 Cat said
Are you kidding me, how much assistance do you need? Come join us, the Americans, in the working society.

10/26/06 kellie said
why do a mother who is recieving cash asst. not receive the child support also.?

10/19/06 bill said
what can i do my ex wants to increase child sopport from 400 to 1076.i only make 12 dollars per hour.

10/17/06  Pam said
I was divorced in Washington State. Due to significant changes in my income, I need to do a child support modification. How do I go about doing this now that I live in AZ?

9/6/06 Laura said
If child support is issued in the amount of $800 in which it is more than the payer can afford, how can he pay that amount to the other parent? How can one live if the payer was only making $5.15 hr?