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Supplemental Security Income and Cash Assistance

What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a cash assistance program for U.S. citizens and some non-citizens who are disabled, blind, or at least 65 years old. Only those with limited income and resources can qualify for monthly checks in an amount based on the individual’s circumstances.

In Arizona, the Department of Economic Security’s Aging Adult Administration and Family Assistance Administration administer SSI and other Cash Assistance (CA) programs. Even if you believe you will not qualify for more than a very small amount of SSI/CA funding, it may be worth your while to apply for such assistance. As a recipient, you are automatically eligible for free health benefits under the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). Those with special needs may also qualify for other benefits such as assistance with housekeeping.

How do I apply for benefits?

Benefits must be requested using an official application form. An application form may be requested from any Arizona Department of Economic Security Family Assistance Administration (FAA) local office, by phone or by mail. To find an FAA local office near you, check the on-line office locator. Applications may also be obtained from various other agencies and social organizations or can be downloaded by visiting the FAA website.



  • a roommate borrowed money from me and that money was from my ssdi government money and now is refusing to pay me back what can I do
  • My mom wont let me get part of my ssi for myself and wont let me get my own job to support myself and i cant take it qhat can i do?
  • I just appealed Social Security's decision to deny my survivor's benefits,which were denied, again! I'm a disabled widow,and have had my disability since I was a teenager,since my records show I have a personality disorder,Agoraphobia,etc. But,they keep denying my husband's benefits on the grounds that I didn't become disabled within 7 years after he died! The Social Security laws have recently been changed to let divorced,disabled widows have the same laws,which were worded differently before my case was heard! Is there free help to help me fight them?
  • How I change my address?
  • How can I get a copy of my son's deceased father's tax return to show social security that he claimed my son as his son?
  • i owe child suport can they or will take out of my check
  • somebodys using my ss# what steps do i take to fix my credit
  • When i was five years of age my father passed away.And for this reason i was awarded cash benefits to be only recieved at age eighteen.My gaurdian would also recieve benefits to help with cost of raising me.Since my family had issues with cps at a young age i was given to my grandparents.As i grew older family problems arose and havent spoke or recieved any help since age seventeen.I would like to know how i can go about recieving whats owed to me.At this time these benefits are badly needed since I have been on my own and i just want whats mine.PLEASE HELP ME!
  • My 12 yr. old austisic son is receiving SSI, if my boyfriend and his two yr. old son move in with me and my son does this effect his SSI? My boyfriend is on disability. And is currently applying for his two yr old bennifits . I'm employed with the Govenment as a Correction Officer..and SSI is saying I make Too much money for my son to continue receiving that my boyfriend and son are moving in does this help things are hurt things?
  • how may i check status of ssi claim





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