Food Stamps, Cash Assistance Article

Nutrition Support Services and Food Stamps


The Area Agency on Aging is responsible for ensuring that supportive and nutrition services are made available to older persons in communities where they live. Call the Senior HELP LINE at (602) 264-HELP (4357), Toll Free: (888) 264-2258, TTY/TDD (602) 241-6110 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find a service in your area or you can visit the Area Agency on Aging on-line locater.

You can also find meal services at senior centers in your community. You and your spouse can get hot meals at such facilities as long as one of you is age 60 or older. The nutrition program in your area may provide transportation as well. If you are homebound, you can have hot meals delivered to you. The Arizona Senior Center Association maintains information about Arizona senior centers on their website.

Counties also offer food stamp programs to supplement or cover the grocery bills of those in need. For information on eligibility, call (800) 221-5689 or you can go to the Department of Economic Security’s web site.



  • Hello I was wondering if I lost my Yuma, AZ Food Stamps card in Yuma and never got through to anyone about trying to get it back how would i do that it had new cash on it and i do not know how to get it back please help thank you...
  • I have recently ended my BENIFITS though I have till the end of the month and they will completely stop... Am I still able to use these BENIFITS ( food stamps )
  • For some one on food stamps; is a gift card to Walmart or Toys R Us considered income? Should someone report this type of gift as income?
  • I'm trying to help my mom get food stamps and cash assistance. She is age 56 and gets 480 dollars a month for retirement benefits. However; she has no car and doesn't work. She lives in a trailer. Her bills cost more than what she earns each month. So, I pay the remainder for her. My question is; does she qualify for food stamps and cash assistance without having to work a job at this point? She has no GED and has raised 8 kids and is now divorced. She gets half of her ex husbands retirement, and that's it. I would appreciate any help? I sent in her paperwork by fax.
  • How long must a person wait to be eligible for food stamps after a drug conviction? What can a person do to redeem themselves?
  • Where does a citizen go to receive assistance. I was scammed out of a lot of money and now find it difficult to pay bills and purchase food. I am n
  • Can I lose my insurance and/or food stamps if I am buying a house?
  • I have been approved for AHCCCS/ALTC, can I now receive food stamps?
  • Money from food assistance roll over from month to month?
  • am i able to apply on line? I have trouble with transportaion but will make arrangements if this is not an option for me. Thank you.




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  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
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