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Services Offered by Arizona Department of Child Support Services (DCSS)

Both parties should be aware that they can apply from services from Arizona Department of Economic Security/ Division of Child Support Services (DCSS). DCSS can assist either party to establish, modify or enforce a child support order. The services provided by DCSS are either without cost or at a nominal cost (not exceeding $25.00 per year). The use of these services does not prevent wither parent from having an attorney represent them or filling their own court actions concerning support.

The services of DCSS can include:
  1. Reviewing the case for possible modification;
  2. Calculating the proper amount of arrears;
  3. Locating the address and current employer of the parent obligated to pay child support;
  4. Obtaining or withholding benefits from employer, Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Insurance;
  5. Seizure (intercept) of obligor's Federal and State income tax refunds, lottery prizes or banking accounts;
  6. Suspension or revocation of professional or occupational licenses (such as a contractor's licenses);
  7. Placing a lien for unpaid child support on real property, including homes and other real estate;
  8. Initiating cases to the child support agencies of other states to be enforced in the court of that state;
  9. Referral to the U. S, Attorney General's Office for criminal prosecution; and /or
  10. Reporting name of the obligor to the U.S. Secretary of State for passport denial.
To obtain further information about applying for DCSS services, go to any DCSS office, or contact:

DES Division of Child Support Services
P.O. Box 40458
Phoenix, AZ 85067
Customer Service: 602-252-4045
Toll-Free: 1-800-882-4151
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Mountain Time

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  • My ex owes $12,000 in arrears, he is waiting for his large federal tax refund-How can I inform the IRS of his status to ensure Federal Tax Offset ?
  • We are filing for divorce and Imake $15,000 a year whereas he makes $32, 000. He is trying to get over $600 in child support payments for 2 children one who is under 12 and the other who is 15. Does the payment go according to my income?
  • I'm actually not working at the moment cause I had a bad seizure and I have to get surgery on my knee coming up do I still have to pay child support even though my ex has been not working four to five months now
  • I went to DCSE to have my support modified. My daughter just turned 17 on 4/12 & graduated high school 6/12. They said they STOPPED MY CHILD SUPPORT because they said she graduated! She has health issues & I need to find doctors where she will be going to college (in Hawaii). I need to file disability for myself. She JUST barely turned 17. Can they do that? 
  • My divorce papers state that my ex-husband pay for our daughters extra-curricular activities (piano, gymnastics etc)as well as $20.00 a month child support. He is not doing any other is. It also states he must see a therapist which he has not done. His visitation is Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-7 and every other Saturday but I have been letting him see her whenever he wants. Does that mean I'm in contempt? What can I do about him not paying for the things he's supposed to and going to a therapist? He still has not taken the parenting class the court requires either.
  • If my ex-wife has relocated out the country and I have no idea were my kids are should I be required to continue to pay child support when my parental rights are being denied?
  • My brother is paying his ex gf child support for two daughters. One turned 18 years old and moved out of the mother's home. Does my brother still pay the child support even though his 18 year old daughter isn't living with her mother?
  • If my ex gets married and has another child in that marriage, can he request to lower his child support payments because he has another child to take care of?
  • i got pregnant and i found out later that my boyfriend is still pretty much married but separated.and he was living with me for almost 3 mos and i kick him out coz we are having problem question is: If I use my last name when our baby is born on the birth cert. will i still get a child support or that will be a prob.? and he wont tell me his Soc.Sec number and the address of where he works..and he is paying child support for his 3 kids
  • I have two kids with my ex girlfriend. We are no longer together. I make a transfer each week to her account in the same amount. We never went to court. Would she be able to say that this wasnt child support money when we do go to court?





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