Divorce and Remarriage

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Marital Status and your Finances

At this point in your life, you may have more at stake when you change your marital status, become a widow, widower or choose to remarry.

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Question: hello I am in the process of getting a divorce but I don't know the form I need to print out so that I wont have to pay for my divorce because I receive food stamps
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Question: if i am the owner of the house do i have the right to live there when going to divorce
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Question: I have been separated from my wife for 17 years. I need to get a divorce is there any help i can get paying for this? I also need to know where to go to get documents started. thank you
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Question: Will i continue to receive my "Late Husbands" pension if i remarry?
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Question: After divorcing in 1999 I raised my 3 children for years while my ex scated on the majority of the support she was supposed to pay. I let it go. After she failed to return two from a visitation I agreed to allow them to stay with her. She jacked up my payment by 4x as much based on a former income. She now takes 50% of my income including Soc Sec and is starving me out. A civil matter at this time. Possilby criminal fraud. She is a legal secretary and knew what she was doing. 87 filings. I can't afford the copying fees.
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