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Make-a-Will Month and Estate Planning

This article celebrates March as Make-a-Will month and does so by dispelling the top eight myths about estate planning.


This is the first in a series of articles intended to provide a basic understanding of Arizona Probate Law including the definition of probate and the circumstances under which a probate proceeding is necessary.

When Diminished Capacity Comes Home

Does your loved one need a power of attorney? Read this article and find out.

The Importance of Assigning a Medical Power of Attorney

This article addresses the importance of a health care power of attorney. A health care power of attorney is also known as a health care proxy or an advance health care directive.

Save for Retirement

It is not too late to save for retirement. There are options available to meet your needs depending on your age and lifestyle.

Revocable Living Trust

Find out about trusts, how they are set up and what they can as you plan ahead.

Staying in Charge of Your Future

Planning ahead allows you to remain in charge of your future. There are laws to protect your wishes. But the right to have your wishes carried out later is worthless unless you act now - while you still can.

Life Care Planning Packet (Advanced Directives), Information and Documents from the Arizona Attorney General

Find out about Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will (End of Life Care), Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney, Letter to My Agent (Representative) and More!

by: Arizona Office of the Attorney General

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Question: I am a double lung transplant recipient and even though my doctor says that I cannot return to work, CIGNA looked at my hospital records and a panel cancelled my waiver for my Life Insurance premiums from my employer benefits. Can they do this? My life expectancy is short, about 5 years on average. My wife and I are on disability and they want a quarter of the premium to appeal their decisions. We are debt free don't want to acquire more debt to fight this. Can someone help?
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Question: If I remarry will spouse be responsible for my debt before we where married
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Question: I share a deed with right of survivorship with my adult child. She married and moved to another home. She and her new husband want to buy a new home with space for me to live and will deed my amount on current deed to a new deed with survivorship rights for my adult child. Am I able to still protect her against the Medicaid Recovery Program?
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Question: what does the law say I must do if my wife dies during the night. we have a living will, power of attorney. donator list and we don't want heroic measures if there won't be s good out come. we want to be cremated (in paperwork) can I just drive her to the hospital etc?
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Question: Hi, my kids and I I live and take care of my mom and dad and I make sure my father gets to his appts, takes pills etc, and my moms on hospice and i am both the medical power of attorney for them. I am the youngest of 8 and I fear that is something happens to my parents and their home is under my dad and brother that comes around every cpl days for a bit then leaves. Is there or should I do something now before its too late in order for us not to be in the street after parents pass. I pay all the bills and property taxes and I dont want the place under my name I just dont want my brother to get mad cuz he drinks and gets dumb and threatens to kick us off his property for telling him not to drink here. Now us is myself and 3 daughters. we all take care of my parents.
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