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Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All legal service programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for assistance.


Evictions happen quickly; find out what an eviction action is, how it is started and what you can and cannot do about it before the court is involved.

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Question: I have lived in a home for over 10 years with my husband and children, this house is in his mother's name. Recently we are separating due to domestic violence and I am still removing my belongings from the home. His mother sent me an eviction notice today demanding I am out of the home fully today. Is there anything I can do to have another week.
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Question: We have sent our 5 day notification to a tenant via certified mail. The tenant is not answering the door in order to receive the mail and sign for it. We have also tried to hand deliver the letter but again no answer at the residence. What is the next step if we can not get the tenant to recieve the 5 day notice
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Question: The landlord was contacted regarding a mouse problem a few weeks ago. Prior to this, there had been no problems with the landlord. The landlord let an exterminator in to the apartment when no one was home with permission. After this, the landlord stated that the apartment was a health hazard because of clutter & cat small & it had to be fixed. Landlord contacted Housing assistance & complained. They said it had to be corrected. The apartment was cleaned, the majority of belongings were thrown away, & everything was tidy, still not good. 8 tenants when moved in, now 2. What recourse?
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Question: Is there a hotline for an eviction of a mentally ill tannant
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Question: my apartments told me today (may I add this is the first I heard about this )that the reason I couldn't get my rent paid or excepted was due to I was getting evicted for supposedly having another person living in my apt not on the lease which is not true... then they proceed to tell me I needed to be out by the next day I didn't even get a phone call or letter an they know I work out of town this time they moved per 3 hours away.
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  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
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