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Question: My adult son, with whom I lived, used my credit/debit card for items which I did verbally give consent for while I was in an inpatient rehab facility for 6 months. However, he also used it for numerous things I did not give consent or have knowledge of which have totalled more than $20,000. How do I make him repay me? I am totally broke now
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Question:  i my parents died. father left a will. mother did not. there were 6 children . 2 brothers died . the one live in new orleans did not have a will . he did not have a wife or children. brother 2 was married and had a wife an three grown children. that lived in Arzoina . do i have to open succession in Arzoina
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Question: I am a retired military member, divorced. Under the terms of the divorce decree (modifiable) my ex receives a percentage of my military retirement pay, plus a spousal support payment. My Veteran's Administration disability rating was recently increased, which will have the effect of her net retirement payment being decreased. Will this give her grounds to request a modification to cover the difference? Can I expect any protection under ARS 25-318.01(3)?
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Question: i have a problem with my next door neighbor, we have a connecting back block wall that a root of his tree damaged the footing, and his wall because it is connected is damaging my wall and getting very dangerous, my grandkids play in the back yard and i have a pool. i have repeatedly asked him to have the wall fixed and he ignores me. if he doesnt want to fix his wall so be it, but i want him to fix my wall before it goes over.. thank you for your time i hope you can help me in this matter.
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Question: I have to do a 50-50 split of net equity; $412000 (appraisal value)-$380214.57 (mortgage)=$31785.43/2=$15892.72 due to ex. I am doing a Refi, but as a veteran I can only borrow up to $417,000 at 90% LTV which then means there is no equity to disburse but I was told that is my problem and I still owe. Now can I deduct broker's commission from equity even though there is no sale? Or is there anything else I can deduct? Because I don't have over $15,000 to buy him out. I did invest over $22000 of my own money for home improvements, does this count for anything? What are my options at this point?
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