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Question: In regards to ars 41-1758.07 What is the difference between section b 42 and section c 66? B42 within 5 years- so anything older than five years is ok....... C66 more than 5 years- so anything before is ok????? Very confusing. I'm trying to apply for a level 1 fingerprint card and have convictions but all were set aside
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Question: I was on parole for 10 years and the first of Nov was my10year end but I didnt report for my last visit I have no new charges can they arrest me for a violation?
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Question: Is it considered theft if i was filling the balloons at meijer that i 100% intended payfor if it says that an employee must do it
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Question: A friend spent 12 years in prison for gang related, armed Robbery charges when he was 16. He was released, had some marijuana possession charges and an assault charge over the years. Recently, he was arrested for 2nd degree murder. What type of sentence is he looking at considering his past?
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Question: My ex girlfriend stole one of my most value clothes. I want her to give them back or pay me for it. 5 brand new Luxury Perry Ellis leather jackets. 16 brand new Luxury Perry Ellis dress shirts. Price is around $5,839.84 to $ 6,039.84 not taxes included. On 08/04/2013 she broke and deformed my nose, (I got pics). On 05/22/2012 she stubbed a fork 4 times on the left side of my upper back, (I got pics). She forced me to quit my job at the laser company. She told me she knew about business and she will make my own laser company. "She didn't don't anything about it and I was having problems with my life. On 08/16/2013 the owner of the laser company that I was working with, texted me offering me my job back and she texted him behind my back telling him I wasn't available and thanks for thinking of me. I realized that the next day. On 03/12/2016 I told her to don't get the molding parts for her car at Honda dealer under my company's name Marco Motors. I told her I wasn't giving the authorization to buy it and she didn't care, "She bought it". I called the dealer to confirm. And much more like for example hit me many times my private part when I was driving, etc.
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