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Revocable Living Trust

Find out about trusts, how they are set up and what they can as you plan ahead.

Staying in Charge of Your Future

Planning ahead allows you to remain in charge of your future. There are laws to protect your wishes. But the right to have your wishes carried out later is worthless unless you act now - while you still can.

Life Care Planning Packet (Advanced Directives), Information and Documents from the Arizona Attorney General

Find out about Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will (End of Life Care), Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney, Letter to My Agent (Representative) and More!

by: Arizona Office of the Attorney General

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Question: are wills in Arizona required to be recorded /registered, and are they open to the public? 
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Question: My husband is POA for his mother, 90 yrs with dementia. She has a bank acct with approx $200Kin a major bank. Approx 6 weeks ago, after submitting the POA to their legal dept we were advised not to withdraw/close the acct as a transaction that large could be questionable and "raise a flag". Today we returned to the bank to withdraw $5K to cover her expenses. They said that they did not have the POA on file and need to submit to legal again. A note on the acct from Feb 2016 states that she (MIL) wants to make sure 'nobody' can touch her money. As such, the bank now DECLINED the POA. Can they?
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Question: I have inherited $50000 from a neighbor I cared for. Do I have to pay any taxes on this income? Would I be able to ask estate to pay down my mortgage directly or do I have to receive money and do it myself.
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Question: My mother passed away 5 weeks ago. She didn't have a will. My sister and I both were on a few bank accounts for wells fargo of hers but not on her IRA account and a US bank account. My mom had no debt, no house, no cars just these bank accounts. I need help, do I get a lawyer? I am unsure of how much the IRA is I am pretty sure it is under 75,000 but what if it isn't? Do you have advise of what type of lawyer to get.. any recommendations?
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Question: My Father In-law Passed away and I am named as executor in his will. He had no life insurance and only his home which is still under mortgage. Do I need to file an informal probate for his will or due to the small size of his estate it is not required?
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