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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) In Detail

Everyone has heard stories about what you "need" to do to avoid a DUI, this article sets the record straight. Click here to learn more about DUIs.

Changing Rules for Bail Bonds

Changes are coming to the bail system. Learn more here.


Una fianza es una cantidad de dinero o el valor equivalente promete a un tribunal para asegurar la liberación de una persona que está detenida después de haber sido acusada de un delito pero.


If you or your loved one has been charged with a crime you may need more information about bail; here it is.

Criminal Sentencing Guidelines

Criminal sentencing guidelines are the rules that establish a consistent criminal sentencing policy for certain offenses; read this article to learn more.

Saint Patrick's Day in Arizona

Learn why we are worried about Saint Patrick's Day.

Arizona's Booster Seat Laws

Summary in FAQ format of the child-restraint/booster-seat law in Arizona. 

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Question: Is there a statute of limitations for completing a DUI impact panel order? It's been approx 2 years and I just now received a notice that a bench warrant was issued for failure to comply. The incident occurred in Flagstaff.
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Question: When I was 19, I received a Minor in Consumption. I completed a diversion program, and haven't had any similar incidents since then. Now I am applying to medical school, do I have to disclose the MIC on the application or did the diversion program dismiss the charges? Furthermore, if I do have to disclose this information, what would the offense be classified as?
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Question: Are there any resources that provide free or reduced cost defense for criminal misdemeanors in Phoenix? I cannot afford an attorney since I have been living pay check to pay check trying to pay off a $3000 title, but I do not qualify for a court appointed attorney ( bc state not seeking jail time) and do not qualify for any of the reduced/free legal aid programs on this site since without deducting bills I make about $2000 a month. Please help, as I do not want to defend myself at trial for criminal matters alone. It seems so unfair and unjust.
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