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Question: When I apply for a job, should I tell them about my disability?

Answer: Probably not. Even though discriminating against someone because of a disability is illegal, companies still do it. When you are applying for a job, the company cannot ask you about your health. Your employer can only ask whether you can do the job. You probably should not volunteer any information about your disability, unless you need to be accommodated to fill out the application.


On 5/23/07
KEITH said
I have bi-polar disorder and was terminated for filing a complaint with ACRD. My employer will naturally claim otherwise. I had a clear cut case of retaliation. It seems they never really investigated my case. My witnesses were never contacted.

On 5/21/07
Susan said
People with Disabilities don't get the proper help from "public servants" because we don't get that kind of respect. I know the EEOC blew me off even though I did everything right.

On 5/21/07
Susan said
I had a similar problem with EEOC! I filed in time and answered in time and they told me I didn't! I have Depression , Anxiety, Etc...., but could not get anyone to help me! I was fired for mentioning I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia!

On 5/6/07
Karen said
I was discriminated because of my age and I was hired at 49 told my career in banking was over at 50. Also, was fired due to having an illness where I was accomodated for a period of time &then retal- liated against; courts& EEOC don't uphold laws.

On 2/21/07
laura said
if one of the things listed on the job description is something you cant do you will be excluded. i lost my career because of my disability

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  • When I apply for a job, should I tell them about my disability?


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