Americans with Disabilities Act

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Question: If I think that you have a "disability," what "reasonable accommodation" does your company have to make?

Answer: A "reasonable accommodation" is any change to your workplace that your company makes that allows you to perform the important parts of your job. Employers must make "reasonable accommodations" to fit your situation. There are many ways to make "reasonable accommodations," such as changing the physical structure of your workplace, getting special equipment, or changing your work schedule. Depending on your disability and your company's resources, your company may have to install a ramp, provide you with a reader, or let you work in a room by yourself.


On 8/28/07
David said
The ADA has most of the protection sstriped out of it from the courts, an employer can drag you though the mud for a long time, while you try and PROVE you have a disability, then they can drag it on after that with independent opinion and arbitrator

On 3/6/07
David said
Having a disability is when you have a condition which prevents you from performing certain life activities, being perceived as having that condition or disability, or appearing to have that condition or disability.

On 6/26/06
Jeff said
What if I think I have a disability and you disagree with me? Who gets to make the decision on whether I have a disability?


  • If I think that you have a "disability," what "reasonable accommodation" does your company have to make?


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