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Question: Where can I find curfew laws?


Curfew is how late you can legally stay outside in a public place. The State of Arizona allows each city to set curfews, and they can be different from place to place. If you violate curfew you may be ticketed, have to pay a fine, do community service or held at the police station while a parent or guardian is called. A parent or guardian is also susceptible to being cited for violation of curfew laws by a minor within the parent or guardian's control.

Curfews are often different on weekends and weeknights and are often different if you are under the age of 16 or under the age of 18. For more information about Curfew and to see other laws, questions, and comments relating to minors, please visit


On 8/2/10
April said
While curfew laws are understandable, and diversionary classes are available for first offences, the problem I have with it is that even if the parent of the child is on a fixed income, there is no assistance for the fees.

On 11/4/09
chris said
just hold out til ur 16 seriously in arizona the curfews midnight when u turn 16

On 6/4/09
i think that curfew is stupid. every kid is still gunna sneak out. no teen wants to be told that they have to be in by 10. i mean for gods sakes make it midnight. i think th3e curfew should be up to the parents, not officers. but whatever.

On 4/5/09
kelsey said
Being 15, this curfew law doesnt always make sence to me. But I understand it is in place for my safety & well being, & im glad that it is a law.


  • Where can I find curfew laws?


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