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Question: What are Conciliation Services?

Answer: Conciliation Services is a program of the Superior Courts in Arizona and was established after the Arizona Legislature enacted the Conciliation Services Law. ( A.R.S. § 25-381.01 et seq.). The program offers Conciliation Counseling for parties contemplating divorce, mediation of child custody and parenting time plans for families of divorce, post-divorce or in paternity actions. Conciliation Services also provide evaluation services to the court when parents are unable to agree upon a parenting plan. Families involved in divorce and/or custody disputes can also find parent education programs through Conciliation Services.  Contact the Conciliation Services in your county to find out how to set up an appointment.


On 12/11/06
Joann said
We got married on the reservation. Got the Marriage license in Chinle Census office, is that a State Marriage License? and where do we go for a divorce?

On 12/10/06
C.C. said
where do i find the information and # about the concillation

On 11/15/06
mariella said
my ex is self employeed and hides his assets. He doesn't pay his fair amount of child support. How do I obtain information regarding his true earnings?

On 10/30/06
Shannon said
What if there are no children involved, and my spouse and I have initiated counseling already. Can we request an extention for the case to remain inactive while we go through counseling?

On 9/9/06
barbara said
I really need assistance finding out how to file a complaint about a court appointed advisor. He is being impartial and does not care about the well being of my children.

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  • What are Conciliation Services?


  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .
  • If you get a divorce, make sure your date of birth is on the Decree if your name is changing!. . .
  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .



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