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  • Apartment complex is implementing "Valet trash" service where the trash will be collected at the apartment door. There will be a fee for this service. Can the Landlord force tenant to use this service and pay for it in addition to the trash collection service (there will be still dumpsters where tenants can take the trash)
  • Air conditioning has been out for 3 days- rental company will only pay us $30 a day to get a hotel. Understand they have up to 5 days to fix it, and then we can break our lease, which we do not want to do. However, we can't live in this environment. Home Owner waiting on home warranty company who is not cooperating. Don't know what to do.. Inside of home is 98 degrees & we have a small child (3 yrs), making it unsafe. We try to talk with rental company, they just get angry. What remedies do we have to get this repaired fast?
  • I got a harassment injunction against someone in February 2018, they violated it and are being prosecuted today Oct 2018. They were threatening before, but now they are extremely angry. I am trying to break my lease becasue I dont feel safe with this person knowing where I live and my apt landlord says my injunction/ PO is too old and because it wasn't domestic violence, it doesn't count. This person has threatened me and is obviously being punished by law, what can I do? What AZ statutes if any allow me to break my lease due to my situation?
  • Can my landlord/parents refuse to give a rental history? We rented from them for 9 years and the house was in a trust until they sold it without telling us. In court (over amount they owed for repairs) he admitted we never missed a payment or paid late but they refuse to sign anything or put anything in writing because they admitted they had not been paying taxes on the rental income we were paying! What can we do to get a rental history so we can buy a house or move into another rental? It's the only thing holding us back,
  • I recently moved out and the landlord never gave me my deposit back. I left the home in good condition the only thing he wrote on the disposition report that the carpet was dirty. Ever since we moved in we told him the carpet needed to be replace because it was worn out and you could see previous stains he never did anything about it. Now he wants to subtract that from the deposit which i think is unfair. What can I do?
  • Is my landlord required to take action against other residents of my property who are drunken and disorderly and causing a disturbance on the premises? If so, what action are they required to take?
  • Is it the responsibility of the Property Management company or the tenet to bring a building up to code if the building was leased already not in code? My property management company rented me a commercial facility that was no where near up to code, five years ago. The company is now trying to force me to bring the building up to code(needs electrical, new roof, etc.) none of that was up to code when I rented it. It’s been five years of the building not being up to code, now that I’m in my last 4 months of my lease they’re pulling this. Just need advice.
  • I rent a mobile home that has a large front and back yard. My landlord is always on the property and coming over unannounced. I understand I rent from him but how much privacy am I entitled to? The landlord also has a storage shed that sits behind the mobile home. We don't use. The neighbor next door comes over whenever he pleases and uses the storage shed. He says the landlord lets him use it. I feel like I have no privacy whatsoever!
  • I have moved into a home where there is cockroaches. The landlord has been notified via email and has sprayed and bombed the place but the roaches are still here. Also my air conditioner doesn't cool my apartment properly the temperature is usually at 80 or more all day long. He says that this is adequate even though I have 2 fans I bought just to stay cool. Can I pay my rent to court and ask the court to force him to fix these problems?
  • does a five day notice have to be signed or notorized by the landlord and can it be given to any one that is home or to the tentants, cna the personm the five day notice give anyone info to regards to the tentants payment or to be seued ?





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